Wiltshire Farm Foods Franchise

Wiltshire Farm Foods was established over 25 years ago and their aim is to deliver delectable frozen meals. It was the first company to introduce frozen meal deliveries and never compromised on the standards of food items.  It is known as the most nutritious serving food store in the market. Wiltshire Farm Foods offer over 300 delicious dishes to select from and includes over 75 new meals. Their meals are hand-delivered by the local drivers who are verified by the company. Here, it presents an opportunity for you to have your fair share in this global success by owning your own Wiltshire Farm Foods Franchise.

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About Wiltshire Farm Foods

Wiltshire Farm Foods was established in 1991 as The Waldens Wiltshire Foods Limited. It  was operated by the Apetito Company in 1995. Their network of franchise runs throughout the United Kingdom. Since their establishment, they strive to deliver nutritious and delicious frozen food directly to their customers’ doors. They deliver to over 200,000 customers and operates in more than 75 delivery shops in the United Kingdom. They have a wide range of frozen meals and is very carefully prepared and is delivered only after the products. They offer more than 300 frozen ready meals and it also includes, dietary, traditional meat meals, Indian cuisine, Chinese, vegetarian dishes and a range of pureed foods.


Initially, the customers were not ready to try their meals as they thought it was added with preservatives, sugar and hydrogenated fats, but Wiltshire Farm Foods raised awareness among their customers. They make the majority of their meals from the scratch and do not add preservatives or hydrogenated fats. Their recipes are created meticulously by the head chef and are also consulted with a dietitian and nutritionist. After being cooked, their meals are frozen and each new recipe is tested by the staff. Wiltshire Farm Foods strives to gluten-free and healthy frozen meals.  It has acclaimed several awards and accolades for their pureed meals and low fat menu.

Many of their customers are over the age of 65, and they love how convenient and hassle-free the process of cooking is after using their frozen meals. They get more time to enjoy with their family.

Potential Of A Wiltshire Farm Foods Franchise

Wiltshire Farm Foods Franchise is a well-known recognized brand across the globe. Once you invest in the Wiltshire Farm Foods, you become a part of their family. You will be benefited in many ways. They run a comprehensive marketing campaign, advertises on national press coverage and on television advertisements. They support you in the local areas of the United Kingdom and provides additional marketing packages and a detailed colour brochure with the company’s menu and dessert range.


Wiltshire Farm Foods provides the best customer service and uses their customer feedback constantly. They re-evaluate their products at regular intervals to provide the best quality of frozen meals to their customers. Recommendations are an essential part for long-term success in any delivery franchise and Wiltshire Farm Foods takes it seriously.

Wiltshire Farm Foods Franchise Overview

Wiltshire Farm Foods franchise operates throughout the United Kingdom. They strive to meet the needs of their customers and has developed a healthy business relationship with their customers. Their network is divided the postcode areas. Once you purchase their franchise, they consider you as a member of the Wiltshire Farm Foods family. They offer start-up plans for the franchise holders. Their business development team will guide you in the initial two weeks and help you at every step. Wiltshire Farm Foods is a great opportunity for people who want to invest or buy a franchise.

Wiltshire Farm Foods offers their franchise holders with an array of successful marketing support packages and it includes a wide range of tools, advertisement on national television and a brochure to help them target their audiences.

Wiltshire Farm Foods looks for the following things if you want to buy a franchise:

  • They look for someone who is well-equipped with adequate and entrepreneurial skills to be able to fully operate the business successfully.
  • The capital plus liquid assets should be from £80,000 to £150,000.
  • You should be enthusiastic, determined and should know how to run a business successfully.

Training And Support

When you join them as a Franchise Partner they welcome you as a member of the Wiltshire Farm Foods family. They provide a professional and rewarding working environment.

Once you join their team, they will offer their support and training listed below:

  • Wiltshire Farm Foods provides two weeks of support from their team of experts to help you manage the daily operation of your business.
  • The experts help you develop the marketing plans and advise you on how to run a business successfully.
  • They organise regional meeting quarterly and discuss strategies. They also provide an updated list of their customers.
  • Wiltshire Farm Foods help the new members of the franchise and helps them find suitable premises for their business.

Wiltshire Farm Foods Franchise

How Much Does A Wiltshire Farm Foods Franchise Cost?

Wiltshire Farm Foods offers only resale opportunities and the cost of each franchise is determined by the size of it. The price depends on several factors such as customer database, office space, goodwill of the existing franchise, how many vehicles are there to deliver the products and the cost of the premises.

Wiltshire Farm Foods has a remarkable track record and it is an opportunity not to be missed by anyone who wants to invest or buy in food retail store. If an individual or startup has the right attitude, then the company supports them and helps them with the cost of buying and gives them a loan. They should have access to at least £100,000 in liquid assets then, Wiltshire Farm Foods provides them with an agreement of the loan. New franchise holders should make sure that they have a budget to bear the expenses to cover operational overheads and marketing.

Why you should invest in Wiltshire Farm Foods franchise?

You don’t have to renew every year as the franchise term lasts for 7 years and there are no extra charges when you renew the franchise. They also provide you with two weeks of IT support and gives you information on how to manage your daily business operations. Wiltshire Farm Foods has a proven track record of success and has articulated all the packages very carefully. The franchise holder can also benefit from the Business Manager as he helps you develop a successful marketing plan and offers ongoing support.

Wiltshire Farm Foods organizes quarterly regional meetings with their franchise holders and updates them about the latest information. They also organize an annual conference where their representative discusses the strategies and how to run a franchise successfully.

It is a great opportunity as the franchise holders can give their feedback and learn some useful tips at the annual conference. An individual can also learn to expand their business and what all challenges one can encounter along the way. The annual conference is really important as it helps you connect with others.

Contact Details For Wiltshire Farm Foods Franchise

You can contact and get more information becoming a Wiltshire Farm Foods Franchise at


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can you run a business successfully?

 ~ If you want to run a successful business, then the key ingredient is Customer service. It has been proven that those franchises which are able to provide customer service are successful and expand in no time.

  • How much can you earn monthly and yearly?

~ You can make a good profit ranging from 9% to 11% of the total sales. An individual can earn a total profit of  $65,000 to $90,000 annually. Anyone who is running their franchise successfully, then they can make a monthly profit up to  £8 per month.

  • Can I apply for a Wiltshire Farm Foods Franchise in the United Kingdom?

~ Yes, you can apply for a Wiltshire Farm Foods Franchise in the United Kingdom. Currently they are not looking for franchise partners but you should check their official website for updates and more information.

  • What is the duration of a franchise term?

~ The duration of a franchise term of a Wiltshire Farm Foods is 7 years. You don’t have to pay any charges to renew after this period.

  • Can we own another business alongside running a Wiltshire Farm Foods franchise?

~ Yes, you can own another business alongside running a Wiltshire Farm Foods franchise, but it should not impact your franchise.

  • How much should a franchisor pay?

~ A franchisor will bear the expenses for all the products you buy.  They will also bear the fees for the yearly license cost of your IT support system. The franchisor also pays a nominal cost for the brochures.

  • What size are the meals?

~ Wiltshire Farm Foods provides their customers with three sizes :

Standard (275g – 465g)

Medium (500g – 565g)

Mini (180g – 220g)

You can find out more information about the sizes of the meals on their official website and you can it under the Portion Sizes Page.