Blonde Hair Tips – How to Naturally Lighten Blonde Hair in the Summer

They say that blondes have all the fun, and you can too. With our blonde hair tips, you can easily change your hair color to the fun one. The process we will tell you about, however, will  help you create a new blonde hair look naturally.

Natural hair coloring will only work if you have fair hair that has a fine texture to start with. If you are working with darker hair, then you could be dealing with red or orange hair that is the first to be exposed. 

However, before you can even attempt to color your hair and achieve the results, consider what you are looking for. If your hair is already blond, then it will get blonder, if your hair is light brown, then you get dark blonde color peeking through.

Blonde Hair Tips - How to Naturally Lighten Blonde Hair in the Summer
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Here Are Our Tips for Easy Blonde Beauty 

Using Lemon juice and Conditioner 

According to Aura Friedman who is a celebrity colorist, lemon juice works, but you must proceed with caution. Lemon juice can lighten your hair but it is also dangerous since the acidity can burn your hair. 


The best way to use lemon is by mixing it with your conditioner or coconut oil so you are able to get the reparative and hydrating qualities as well.

Applying Vitamin C to Your Hair

Vitamin C can be very effective for hair lightening thanks to the citric acid. Most colorists will advise you to try Vitamin C washes, as they are easy. All you do is crush up some vitamin C and then add it to a spray bottle and spritz it on your hair.

It will brighten your hair and remove the mineral build-up as well. If you have vitamin C powder, you can skip the crushing stage.

Using a Saltwater Solution

If you have been coloring your hair and you’ve caught the bleach bug, then it’s possible to get your hair to an even lighter shade using the sun.

For people who have color-treated their hair, you can mix water with a bit of salt and then spray it on your hair while you are at the beach.

This will open your hair cuticles slightly when you expose them to the sun. But, you must remember that no matter what color your hair is, it will fade away with the sun. 

If you want it to be shiny, and bright, and look like it’s out of the salon, then stock up on some UV-protecting conditioner and shampoo.

Using Apple Cider Vinegar

A small dose of apple cider vinegar can help you to lighten your hair gently. It will also help dissolve all oils and reduce the buildup on your scalp and hair. Additionally, apple cider vinegar helps to detangle and de-frizz the hair.

Now, mix one part of the vinegar with six parts of water to take off the buildup such as chlorine. It is also a gentler way of lightening the strands, although you may have to do it a few times to get the desired results you may be looking for.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda

This has a chemical element to it, so you should be careful. On its own, hydrogen peroxide from the drugstore will not lighten your hair as it will dry before any reaction takes place, but combined with baking soda it works.

This paste can sit on your hair and work its magic. Combine three tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide with one cup of baking soda and mix it up then apply to your hair. Leave it for around 30 to 60 minutes. This will make your hair 1 or 2 shades lighter.

Blonde Hair Tips - How to Naturally Lighten Blonde Hair in the Summer
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Lightening your hair naturally is obviously better than using chemicals, and so our tips above are ideal for hair color changes. These methods will not dry out your hair like chemical treatments, but just remember to condition.

After all, you are stripping away pigment from your hair, which makes it weaker. So a weekly protective hair routine is essential after you use one of the above methods.