Discover the Best Makeup for You Based on Eye Shape

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While you might think the eye makeup application is a bit of a no-brainer, did you know that adjusting your eye-shaped technique can make a world of difference? 

Just as jeans can give a more attractive look for your body type, it is the same when matching your eye makeup with your eye shape. 

In the most obvious way, you could brush on the eye shadow and eyeliner, but if you know the shape of the eye and apply it appropriately, they will show up like never before. Here’s your perfect guide to follow for the best makeup tips for every eye shape. 


Discover the Best Makeup for You Based on Eye Shape
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Cat Eyes 

You have little to no noticeable crease when it comes to monolids and no significant orbital bone. You can make up for that with the right shadow. Prepare your lid with a sprightly long-wear priming coat; this will help prevent the transfer of makeup from your lash line. 

To delineate your foundation, first, add eyeliner before eyeshadow. Pencil liners are preferred over gel or liquid; the use of softly smudged liner around the whole eye can enlarge.

Keep the line as close as possible to the base of the lashes for a cat-eye, with a thick wing at the outer corners to give the eye some lift and depth.  

Take the vast expanse below your eyebrow as a blank canvas, and use a smudge eyeshadow brush to add a free hand of eyeshadow. For you, smoky eyes are perfect, so blend away. 

Build even more depth with false eyelashes, but in your waterline, steer away from eyeliner; this can easily enclose the eye and make it look smaller.

Round & Wide-Eyes

It’s the secret to contouring your peepers to create a beautiful, detailed end look. 

All you have to do is add a medium to dark shadow over the middle of your eye, followed by a lighter shade to highlight your inner and outer corners. 

These are one of the best eye shapes to deal with, and in an abundance of cases, you can line or contour them. The trick is to make the nose look more angular. Contouring the nose bridge will add definition to the space between your eyes. 

You may want to avoid the shimmering eyeshadow in the tear duct technique.

Deep Set Eyes 

If your eyes are deeper in the socket, and your brow bone takes the lead over your eyelids, your eyes are firmly set. The goal with deep-set eyes is to help them move forward with luminous colors. 

Place the light color on the lid and a warm color under the brow bone to create a multi-dimensional look to keep them from appearing sunken.

A good starting point is to split your eyelid into thirds — the third inside is for your light color, the very outside is for your dark color, and the middle is for combining them. 

Keep the thickest portion of your eyeliner on the eye’s outer edges to essentially nudge that orbital bone back— head for a kohl or gel eyeliner to stack on the drama. 

To intensify the allure, finish off with mascara on top lashes, but avoid lower lash mascara as this may make the shadows more visible.

Upturned Eyes

Upturned eyes look best when eyeliner exaggerates the upper lid. Wondering what particular technique to use for a gorgeous gaze? 

Try a smudged eyeliner look if you want to lengthen your upper eyelid or opt for a small nude liner along your lash line and inside corners to give a big, bright eye appearance.

Protruding Eyes

They are typically characterized by appearing from the eye socket to be projecting. For so much white space around the eyes, you look best with minimal makeup and don’t take much to appear awake and refreshed. 

To neutralize shadows and redness, select matte colors over glitter, and dust the entire lid with a nude shadow. Draw as thin a line as close to the lashes as possible using a liquid liner. Feel free to apply eyeliner on your bottom line to better offset the bulge. 

To get the most out of your solid features, drag a flesh-tone pencil softly across the waterline to exaggerate the eye whites and make them appear brighter.

Discover the Best Makeup for You Based on Eye Shape
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They say eyes are the mirrors of one’s soul. Add the perfect combination of color, glitter, and shine to accentuate your eyes by using the easy makeup techniques found above.