Not Just Travel Franchise

Not Just Travel isn’t just any company or brand. It is UK’s most popular liked travel companies. Backed by 12 years of experience in crafting the most ideal holiday for their clients all over the UK, Not Just Travel is the go to company for any travel plan. Based on  your likes and dislikes, Not Just travel can help you with your dream holiday.

Not Just Travel is in fast a part of UK’s biggest independent travel buying group. This implies that they can get you the best prices from the various companies that they work with. Their per day buying power is estimated at £1 million. Not Just Travel claims to get their buyers the best of deals at prices cheaper than if you were to plan your holiday yourself.

Not Just Travel franchise Potential

Travel is a huge industry. With chaotic and over burdened work schedules, people today take a vacation seriously. It is not the same as it was many years ago. People do not want to burden themselves with planning a holiday. They prefer to have a planned vacation where they can simply go and unwind. This makes Not Just Travel the ideal company to be a part of. With a Not just Travel franchise you will be a part of such a team that’s sole mission is to give people the relaxation they deserve. As a travel consultant with Not Just Travel you be earn high profits and with a comprehensive training programme be working with some of the top names in the travel world.

Not Just Travel Franchise

How big is the Not Just Travel Franchise?


Not Just Travel is a team of 700 people whose mission is to provide their clients with the best travel experience. With financial and ATOL protection, Not Just Travel takes care of your holiday providing you the assurance and safety of a hassle free holiday.

How to Apply for Not Just Travel franchise?

The Not Just Travel franchise believes in providing the whole course information to you so you can make an informed decision.
You can simply start with watching their introductory video here:

Once you have seen the video many of your questions would have been answered. After the first video you also have access to their other videos that provide detailed information about their franchise packages etc.

You can then proceed to fill the form on the same page and get in touch with the Not Just Travel team wherein they’ll guide you with the rest of the process.

Not Just Travel franchise Training & Support

The Not Just Travel franchise comes with a comprehensive training programme. You need no prior experience to be a part of Not Just Travel. If you are passionate about travel then you are good to be on board. As a part of your training you will have access to systems and tools that have been crafted over the years to give you the insight you need. You will get a week’s training at the Not Just Travel headquarters at Bournemouth, by the end of which you will be fully equipped to start your own business. You will have ongoing support from dedicated trainers as well as the company’s founders at every step of the way. A team leader will be specifically allotted to you from day one to guide you through your journey.

What else do I get in the Not Just Travel Franchise?

You will have your own marketing solutions and a fully set up website. Not Just Travel will also set up your social media pages on Facebook and other websites so you can get in touch with your clients. In addition to this, you will have your own company email, a business card and other documents for promotion of your business. Not Just Travel will also take care of all your paperwork, so you don’t have to worry about the intricacies there.

Not Just Travel Franchise Cost Information

There are three franchise packages to choose from and you can split the cost over 12 months:

1. Travel Consultant Pro franchise costs £10,995
2. Travel Consultant Elite costs £14,995
3. Travel Consultant Supreme cost £29,995

After watching the first video link, you will have access to a bundle of other videos where you will find a detailed explanation of these packages.
Here is the link again:

Not Just Travel Franchise Contact Information

You can simply start with watching their introductory video here:

You can then proceed to fill the form on the same page and get in touch with the Not Just Travel team wherein they’ll guide you with the rest of the process.

You can also send an email to or call 0800 530 0621

Not Just Travel Franchise FAQ’s

  • What are the other support to expect from a Not Just Travel Franchise?

~ With Not Just Travel you will have access to all the tools and systems you would need in your business. Based on the franchise you will be provided extra support to run your business that may include a week’s training in an exotic location. You will have marketing support, your own website and business card as well.

  • What is the minimum profit one can expect monthly and yearly?

~ At the Not Just Travel franchise all the money that you make is yours. You earn commission every time someone books a holiday from you. While the company hasn’t release accurate data but some consultants make 6 figures a year. The firm’s sales, revenue and commission have doubles up by 200% in the last year.

  • Do I need prior experience?

~ You do not any prior experience to join the Not Just Travel team. Not Just Travel will provide you with proper training. If you are passionate about travel then you make the right candidate.

  • Are there any targets?

~ There are no targets. You earn a commission every time someone buys a holiday from you. You can expect to earn back your franchise cost within the first year.