Personal Style Advice – How to Find a Personal Look

Do you find it hard to maintain your personal style? You would be glad to know that you are not alone, as a lot of people are often confused about their personal style

The reality is that your style will change with time, and so does your taste. Over time, you find yourself attracted to new stuff, so you may get confused as to what your true fashion identity is. 

In this article, we will try to help you define your personal style. Let’s discuss it step by step to help you find it. 

Personal Style Advice - How to Find a Personal Look

What Do You Like?

When it comes to going on a fashion journey, you must sit down and revise your likes and dislikes. What fashion do you like, or what celebrities do you admire? 

Can you recall a personality you always find attractive? Visit their social media profile and identify their style. This is the first step in identifying your personal style. 


Find Patterns

While exploring your inspiration, it is highly like that you will find a pattern in the photos. Just like the colors and theme of the items, you can easily find the patterns

Maybe you discover that you like statement jewelry and summer dresses. It could take a lot of time to find these patterns, but you must uncover them. These patterns will help you narrow your options when you go shopping. 

Do not forget to save some pictures and maintain a journal about these patterns. Write down your thoughts about these patterns so that you don’t forget them.

Personal Color Scheme

Everyone prefers some specific colors over others. Every stylish person has a personal color scheme, and you will find their clothing revolving around them. 

When it comes to identifying your colors, you need to look at your eye, skin, and hair color to make sure you choose colors that suit you. 

What’s your favorite season? Find out, and it will introduce you to a lot of colors. Once you determine these colors, you should focus your shopping around these colors

Clear Your Closet

Now, you have enough data to clean your closet and get some new dresses. Visit your closet and try on every dress. Once you wear them, you will know whether you need them or not.

Clear everything you don’t need or that you’re not going to wear in the future. Donate them to needy people to free up some space.

Shop on a Budget

We understand that you may want a huge budget for buying new clothes. However, you should create a small budget before going out shopping. 

Do not hesitate to visit discounted places. Make sure that you have done all your research before going shopping, and make sure you stick to the list. 

Get Some Photographs

Try on everything you added to your wardrobe and take pictures from different angles. This will help you determine your true style. 

Even if you are alone, you can take selfies to have a range of pictures. Don’t be shy to take pictures in different poses

Review Your Pictures

When you have a range of pictures, you will always love a few of them. Find out what you were wearing and what you loved about the picture

Is it just because of the pose? Do you like the picture because of what you are wearing? All of this will help you find your signature style

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Trust Your Instincts 

When it comes to your inner thoughts, they are always true. You need to trust your instincts and never try to follow another person’s style. 

Make sure you wear everything that gives you confidence. Regardless of the season and trends, if you like something, you should always go for it. When you feel confident in a dress, your attitude reflects it, and everything happens in your favor. 

Personal Style Advice - How to Find a Personal Look


People often find it difficult to identify their style. However, it is completely possible if you are willing to spend time researching it. 

With the above-mentioned steps, you can ultimately find your signature style. Remember that you must stay true to your instincts and feel confident in your choices.