Style Advice for Over 50 – How to Maintain Style

Aging is a natural process that everyone goes through, and as you age, your lifestyle and body change over time. Just because you have celebrated your 50th birthday doesn’t mean that you can’t stay in style

Most people follow the same rules of fashion throughout their life. It is very rare that people forget about their own rules and follow some basic yet helpful guidelines. 

In this article, we will share excellent pieces of advice for women who want to look energetic, smart, young, and appropriate. Read on to learn more.

Style Advice for Over 50 - How to Maintain Style

Dark Denim, Straight Jeans

Let’s go classic! Forget about fades and skinny jeans. 

Embrace classic blue jeans with ballet slippers. You can also pair them with kitten heels, moccasins, or tall boots if it’s colder outside. 


White Jeans

When it comes to warm climate conditions, it is a great idea to wear lighter colors. Try white jeans with tunic tops and wedge sandals. You can also opt for a navy jacket. 

During colder weather, you can spice things up with black or brown boots. Don’t forget to get a pretty scarf and a dark color jacket or sweater. Also, an important tip is to wear underwear that matches your skin while you are wearing white-colored jeans. 

Black Fitted Jacket

Black is always the most versatile and most widely accepted color. However, you can opt for cream or navy color, as well. 

The jacket should be snug and go down to the hips. Pair it with skirts, pants, dresses, jeans, or anything else you like. 

Excellent Fitting Pants

When it comes to fitting pants, you need to be very precise with their length. You can take your shoes while going shopping. Otherwise, you can visit a tailor to get a perfect fit. 

Try to look for a lightweight wool blend in navy or charcoal. Wear a T-shirt or a silky blouse along with a jacket. 

Pencil Skirt

Regardless of your size, this looks surprisingly perfect on almost everyone. If you are wearing it with tights, make sure the skirt is slightly above your knee. However, if you are not wearing tights, it should go down to the knee.

The fabric should be stretchy but not very tight. To spice things up, it is a great idea to wear black tights and high heels. 

Depending on your convenience, you can wear boots or wedge shoes. A black jacket with black pencil skirts makes a perfect combination

Tank Tops

You can get a lot of tank tops in various colors and wear them with jackets, cardigans, sweaters, and blouses. To give you a smoother look, you should wear them with almost everything. 

Ensure that they are longer in size so that you can tuck them in easily. Moreover, they must be tight and stretchy. 


The best part of cardigans is that you can wear them anytime. They remain in fashion almost the entire year. Get long sleeves with a length just above the hip. 

They look great with jeans or pants. However, you shouldn’t combine them with skirts

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Everyone looks classy and sexy in dresses. Depending on your size and figure, you can choose a dress style that highlights your beauty. Here are three styles that look best on women over 50 regardless of their shape and size

  • Fit and flare dress – These dresses are fitted at the top and become loose just below the waist. It gives you a very stylish look. 
  • Wrap dresses – Wrap dresses are always in fashion and look great. Remember not to wear the belt in front, though. Always knot the belt on the side. 
  • Sleeveless sheath dresses – They are more than just sexy! If you wear them correctly, you can be the center of attention at any event. It looks perfect for almost every occasion and never goes out of fashion. 
Style Advice for Over 50 - How to Maintain Style


Most people become less concerned about their clothing as they age, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. One must be aware of their style and fashion and stay energetic and motivated. Women who stay in fashion remain motivated and produce better results. 

When you are above 50, remember that age is just a number. You can wear anything you wish that suits your size and shape. The above-mentioned dresses are just a guide, and you can mix things as per your convenience.