DIY Long Fade Haircut-How to Achieve this Style at Home

If you are a fashion enthusiast, then you know hair plays a big role on your fashion statement. You can’t only concentrate on clothes, shoes, accessories and forget the hair. As a matter of fact, your hair can make or break your look. 

A fade haircut is very short at the bottom, near the ears and neckline and gradually gets longer towards the top of the head. It’s made up of levels whereby its lowest at the back and the amount of hair increases as it moves closer to the face. 

It can be tricky to cut your hair at home but is achievable. It gets harder to cut behind your head near the neckline. However, if you have no one to help you at home, you can use a mirror. Up next we’re going to tell you how to get a fade at home. 

DIY Long Fade Haircut-How to Achieve this Style at Home




What You’ll Need







How To Do a Fade

Wash and Comb Hair

It will be easy for you to trim and style your hair when it’s flexible and full. Wash it with shampoo and conditioner then remove tangles by combing. If it dries and gets tough to cut, dampen it with a spray bottle or spritzing.

Get a Handheld Mirror

It’s hard to do anything that you can’t see. Same applies to cutting your own hair. Either ask someone to help you or use a second pair of eyes via a mirror. 

Hold it in position as you cut towards the back of your head. After cutting, still use the mirror to inspect your snips and correct the areas that are not looking good.

Get Different Length Clippers

In order to achieve a fade, you’ll need an adjustable electric clipper. An electric clipper with guards is the best because you’ll need to attach the guards to cut hair at different lengths. 

The guards will help you achieve the gradual length transition which is typical for a fade haircut.

However, some clippers may have a bracket setting which when flipped, the blades cut an extra 1/8 of an inch which is perfect for realizing different lengths between those cut by guards.

Balance the Fade

A perfect fade is one that is balanced. Before you start cutting, decide how long you want the hair on top. Don’t cut the hair tips at the sides of your head unless you are sure it is a short fade you want. 

To get a good balance, start trimming your head top first. Rule of thumb, cut small bit by bit. Don’t go for a big chunk because you might make an irredeemable mistake that will lead into a different style altogether.

Use Scissors to Cut Long Hair

The fade is a short, not a long hairstyle. Therefore, if you have long hair, you want to remove a bulk before actually starting the fade. To make it uniform, pull the hair backwards in a ponytail and secure it using a clip or elastic. 

Cut all the hair below the clip or elastic. After, hold out sections using the index and middle finger and cut to your starting length.

The length you cut is based on your balance. If you have decided your top hair will be 2.5 inches, then don’t cut your long hair shorter than these inches.

Cutting the Crown

You’ll need to start with the hair on your crown. Hold your comb flat and run it over your head to lift hair. Use scissors to cut to your ideal length. Repeat this step until you get to the rounded part of your head. Leave the hair below it.

DIY Long Fade Haircut-How to Achieve this Style at Home


Creating a Fade

Since you already have electric clippers with adjustable guards, you’ll use them gradually. For instance you can use higher-numbered guards and make layers from the top downwards. 

Alternatively, you can use a low numbered guard and make layers from bottom upwards.

Use Clippers to Cut Hair

Use clippers to cut the hair on the back and sides of your head. Press them on your scalp and gently sweep off your head and upwards in a scooping motion like scooping ice-cream. 

You’ll want to be careful not to take off much hair at the bottom of your head.

Make Corrections

Check in the mirror again to correct any lines from layering. Check if your top hair balances with the fade length. If not, you can cut some more to ensure balance. Go back with clippers to adjust any rough ends then finish with trimmers.

Last Word

You’ll need to take your time to create a good looking fade, otherwise if you are in a rush, you could end up with quite a mess. You’ll need a mirror, scissors, electric clippers with guards and a comb. 

Ensure the final look has the bottom hair shortest and top hair longest. Create a layered look, because that’s what a fade is all about. If you’ve got a significant other to help, you can make date night, his and hers haircuts