Ale Hop Franchise UK : Availability, Cost, and History

Ale Hop is a huge name in Spain when it comes to gifts, décor and accessories. However, it’s yet to arrive in the UK.

Even though it hasn’t reached the UK market yet, we cannot ignore the fact that it is a great business option. It has the potential to grow immensely in the UK with its affordable prices and attractive products. Let us discuss the Ale Hop franchise and whether it is likely to arrive at the UK in the near future.

About Ale Hop

Ale Hop is a Spanish brand that offers a wide range of accessories, gifts and décor items. Their most saleable quality is the prices they offer. Ale Hop is an extremely affordable brand with a wide range of quality products to choose from.  Their products are innovative, up to date and very contemporary, which has helped them garner many loyal customers.


Location: Spain, Germany, and Portugal


Industry or Sector: Retail – Clothing & Accessories or Fashion Accessories and Shoes

Initial Investment: €75,000

About Ale Hop is different

Ale Hop offers a fresh new outlook to normal accessories, gifts and decoration and covers all budgets. Currently the company has 34 shops in Europe offering 3000 varied quality products.

At the moment, Ale Hops has many established stores in Spain, Portugal and Germany

Are there any Ale Hop franchises in the UK

Unfortunately, currently there aren’t any Ale Hop outlets in the UK, and so far the company hasn’t announced any plans for arriving in the UK either. However, Ale Hop is currently franchising in Spain, Germany and Portugal, so they may branch out to the UK in the near future.

How much does the Ale Hop Franchise cost in Europe?

The Ale Hop franchise can be bought for an initial investment of €75,000 in Spain, Germany and Portugal. This is an approximate cost and the fees may differ depending on the exact location.

This cost includes help with the selection of shop premises as well its construction. In fact, the Ale Hop team will pay two visits to the premises during the construction of the shop to check everything. The company also offers assistance with shop shelves and counter designs etc.

In addition to this, you will receive shop courses along with the regular franchise training. After the launch of your franchise, Ale Hop will provide barcode labeling on most products, barcode scanning for orders as well as inventory.

All Ale Hop franchises are made uniformly so they all reflect the brand in the same light. So the company takes care of even minor things like shelving, fixtures, fittings, counters plastering, and tiling, etc.
The inventory and stock however, is not included in the initial investment cost.

Ale Hop Franchise UK : Availability, Cost, and History

Does Ale Hop provide training?

The pre-launch induction training lasts for one month. Ale Hop uses its established business in Spain, Portugal, and Germany, as a threshold to train its upcoming franchises. As a franchise, the company offers complete training both before and after the launch of your franchise. In fact, Ale Hop executives from their head office based in the Costa Blanca, often visit all their franchises to offer their assistance and support.

What are the other things included in the Ale Hop franchise?

As an Ale Hop franchise, you get a registered name, their gift bags, business cards, and envelopes, uniform, as well as ongoing shop training.