Autosmart Franchise

Autosmart is one of the UK’s largest manufacturer of professional vehicles cleaning products and it established in 1979. This company has extensive knowledge and the best tools in the market. Their customers come from various industries such as vehicle rental companies, hauliers, bus operators, plant hire, agricultural dealers, car dealerships, construction, and food processors. Autosmart has a wide network and their professional team members bring the full range of products and offer services to their customers.

Autosmart’s unique services, unique van franchising concept, and unparalleled product range are the reasons why they are the market leader. They offer over 200 multi-purpose cleaning products through daily deliveries. In this blog, we will discuss how we can open a franchise of Autosmart and how can an individual benefit from investing in this company.

Autosmart Republic Franchise STATS


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Autosmart Franchise History

Autosmart is a British manufacturer and started in 1979. It has become a global brand name and continues to run successfully. Autosmart started opening franchises in the year 1999 and expanded their business across the globe. From the very beginning, it’s network expanded and now, they are one of the biggest suppliers of car cleaning products and materials. Every franchise operates individually, but they all operate under the name of Autosmart.

Autosmart Franchise Potential

Autosmart has a wide franchise network of more than 100 franchises in the United Kingdom. If you plan to invest in their franchise, then it is an excellent opportunity as it has huge turnovers. They also provide a training program to their franchise holders to ensure they run it successfully.

Autosmart is a leading company in the United Kingdom and it will be a wise decision to invest in their company. They have a proven track record of running successfully their company and if you buy their franchise, it will definitely be profitable. All their products are royalty-free and their franchise holders have the right to use their products. At Autosmart, they believe their success is possible only because they have built a healthy business relationship with their franchise holders.


Autosmart Franchise Cost and Fee Information

The cost of opening an Autosmart Franchise varies depending on the location. The minimum investment is £15,000 to start the franchise. One can take help from the bank if they don’t have enough capital.

Autosmart Franchise Profit Information

The Autosmart franchise is an international brand name and their franchise holder can make a huge profit. The profit varies depending on the location and ranges from approximately 7% to 9% of the total sales.

Autosmart Franchise Training & Support

Yes, training and support services are available at the Autosmart Franchise. Their training program is combined with more effective practices. They take pride in their proven business model and they have also been awarded “Best Franchisee Support” in 2012.

Autosmart Franchise

The Autosmart franchise provides a training program for their franchise holders which helps them run their franchise successfully without incurring losses. Their dedicated team members train the franchise holders from the initial stage and help them with everything from the store location, sales, marketing, recruiting staff to how to handle the operational department.

How to Apply for Autosmart Franchise

If you are planning to open an Autosmart franchise, then fill the form on their official website and submit the details like your name, contact details, geographical area of your interest and if you have any questions you can submit them. Once you submit the application form, their team members will give you an appointment date. Once the appointment is fixed in their head office, the franchise holders need to give a presentation and get a brief of all the relevant information. The Autosmart franchise currently has nine business opportunities available in and around Peterborough, South West Essex, Basingstoke, Hereford, Colchester, Kilmarnock, Luton, Romford, and Watford.

Autosmart Franchise Contact

If you are planning to contact the Autosmart franchise, then you can visit their office, Autosmart International Ltd Lynn Lane, Shenstone Lichfield, Staffordshire, WS14 0DH
Walsall Road, Norton Canes, Cannock, WS11 9N or call on 01543 481 616.

Autosmart Franchise FAQ’s

  • Is it possible to open an Autosmart franchise in a specific area in the United Kingdom?

  ~ Yes, it is possible, but you will need to check the availability. Once you submit the application form of opening an Autosmart franchise, you have to fill the geographical area of your interest.

  • Can we open the Autosmart franchise without experience in running a business?

  ~ Yes, you can open the Autosmart franchise without any expertise or prior experience in managing a business.

  • What do the franchise holders receive for their investment in the Autosmart franchise?

  ~ The franchise holders get a huge turnover and interesting opportunities from their investment.

  • What is the royalty fee of the Autosmart franchise?

  ~ Absolutely nothing! At Autosmart, they manufacture their own products, which their franchise holders buy from them.

  • How long is the franchising agreement of the Autosmart franchise?

  ~ The initial franchising agreement is of 5 years. If an individual changes their mind and wants to sell it before the renewal period, then are free to do so. The renewable period is for up to 30 years.

  • Could you elaborate on the Autosmart franchising concept?

  ~ The Autosmart franchising concept is a unique idea and it is an owner-operator, van franchise opportunity. The concept gained popularity and claimed an award because of its concept. It includes a unique idea of selling cleaning products every month to the diverse needs of their customers.