CeX Franchise

CeX (Complete Entertainment eXchange) was established in 1992 in London. Since 1992 they have expanded their network in Spain, USA, Ireland, India, UK, Netherlands, Mexico, Australia, Portugal, Poland and Canarias. They buy, exchange and sell a wide range of technology and entertainment products. This blog will help you provide with all the relevant information you will be needing if you want to buy or invest in CeX.

CeX trade focuses on the quality of the product and all their products are tested before they are sold with a two-year warranty, providing their customers great value for money. This company is backed up by more than two decades of experience in technology. They have received many accolades in the field of entertainment and technology field. What separates them from their competitors is their bespoke computer systems that make the entire process of buying and selling hassle-free.

CeX Franchise STATS


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CeX Franchise Potential

CeX is a highly recognised and successful brand across the globe. Their franchise partners will not only benefit from their tried-and-tested franchise model, but also from their rich experience in the industry. CeX is one of the leading franchise in the world and offers successful returns. An individual can get an average turnover in excess of £1million within 18 months.

CeX Franchise Cost and Fee

The cost of the CeX Franchise will range from  £150,000 to £250,000, depending on the store size. An individual or a startup will require £40,000 in liquid capital and also should be able to raise the balance of the total investment. CeX has a healthy relationship with all the major banks that can fund up to 70 percent to any individual who is willing to open a franchise of CeX.

How to Apply for CeX Franchise

CeX puts an advertisement on their official website regarding how to apply for CeX Franchise. If an individual is looking forward to buying or investing in their franchise, then they can reach them or enquire about it on their official website. You can find all the relevant information about how to apply for their franchise on their website.


The Complete Entertainment eXchange receives a huge amount of application in franchising opportunities. So it is recommended that you should check their website regularly for any updates and news on future career opportunities with them.

CeX Franchise Profit Estimates

The best part about being a franchise owner of the Complete Entertainment eXchange is that each day you will get an opportunity to make some good profit. The stock changes daily as customers buy, sell and exchange items frequently. It is highly suggested that you invest or buy this franchise as you will make a good profit.

CeX Franchise Training & Support

Yes, training and support services are provided in CeX franchise. You can rest assured that you will be provided support and expert advice at every step from their dedicated and experienced professionals. Once you buy their franchise, you can get access to a wider network of experts that share their experiences with you.

A franchise holder of CeX will receive the following as part of their investment:

  • You will also get expert advice related to stock and pricing.
  • A franchise holder of CeX will get many business opportunities.
  • The holder will also be provided with ongoing procedure updates and initial training.
  • Their expert team will help you develop the marketing plans, hands-on store identification and advise you on how to expand your business successfully.
  • You will also get ongoing support which will include business services and intranet.
  • Their team will also guide you on how to recruit efficient staff and manage the store successfully.
  • CeX has developed a software, especially for the buying, selling and exchanging goods.

If you decide to become a franchise holder of CeX, you will get a professional training and ongoing support from their dedicated and professional team. They will help you launch and build up your own franchise successfully. The Complete Entertainment eXchange provides a tried-and-tested franchise model and the right tools and this way, you can create a work-life balance that suits your need.

CeX Franchise Contact Details

You can reach CeX for any inquiries on Franchising opportunities in the United Kingdom at CeX Head Office Lower Ground Floor 32-38 Scrutton Street.

CeX Franchise Contact FAQ’s

  • How much does a CeX franchise cost?

 ~ The total investment of a CeX franchise depends on store size, however, it will range from £150,000 to £250,000.

  • Can I apply for CeX franchise?

 ~ Yes, you can apply for The Complete Entertainment eXchange franchise. 

  • Can you open CeX franchise?

 ~ It is one of the most frequently asked questions and yes, you can open CeX franchise. If you are dedicated, hardworking and passionate about opening a franchise then, you can definitely open a franchise.

  • What are industry sectors in CeX?

 ~ The Industry Sectors in CeX are  Retail Franchises, Smart Repairs, Management Franchises and Merchandising Franchises.

  • Can we own another business alongside running CeX franchise?

 ~ Yes, you can own another business alongside running a CeX franchise, but it should not impact your franchise.

  • How much can one make a profit in CeX franchise?

 ~ An individual or a startup can make some great profit in a short period of time. The profit depends on the store size and its location. You will get an opportunity each day to make a good profit. The CeX is a leading franchise across the globe and it is advised that you invest or buy this franchise as you will make a good profit.