Dixy Chicken Franchise

Dixy Chicken is one of the leading chicken restaurant chains in Europe and was established in 1986. It has over 100 stores across the United Kingdom and worldwide. Dixy Chicken introduced the Halal meat concept across the United Kingdom and specializes in it. They thrive to maintain the highest standards and provide high-quality food items to their customers. Their professional team monitors the quality and ensures adherence to the highest standards. This blog gives you a complete guide on opening a Dixy Chicken franchise and how to run it successfully. It entails all the relevant information from the cost of opening the franchise to its potential.

Dixy Chicken Franchise STATS


EUR 120,000








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 Dixy Chicken Franchise History

Dixy Chicken founded in 1986 by two businessmen who knew that Halal chicken would be loved by the diversified population of the United Kingdom. It had phenomenal growth and soon opened over 50 branches of Dixy Chicken in the United Kingdom alone.

Dixy Chicken was taken over in 2008  by Church’s Chicken, a leading Chicken Brand since 1952. It has more than 1500 restaurants with two different brand names and successful franchises in four continents. Church’s Chicken wanted to convert Dixy Chicken Stores into Texas Chicken, but its present owner, Mr. Shakeel Arshad saw Dixy Chicken promising and took over Dixy in late 2008 to make Dixy Chicken a worldwide Brand.

Dixy Chicken Franchise

Dixy Chicken constantly looks to innovate and experiment with their delectable dishes. They maintain consistency and creates mouth-watering dishes that would delight their customers and want them coming back to Dixy Chicken over and over again. They take pride in focusing on quality rather than quantity and offers fresh and healthy Halal Chicken. They use a unique blend of spices and the finest ingredients to make a mouthwatering dish. Dixy Chicken not only focuses on the taste, but also on the food safety. They realise how important it is to eat healthy food. They offer an array of delectable dishes such as burgers, tortilla wraps, salads, grilled chicken, pizza, sides, halal chicken, desserts and drinks.


Potential of Dixy Chicken Franchise 

Dixy Chicken is a successful chicken restaurant chains in Europe. Dixy is a global brand and every product they sell to their customers is great value for money and this reason makes it the fastest growing fast-food chain in Europe. It will be a wise decision to invest in their franchise as they have a management team that guides their franchise holders at every step. They strive to offer rewarding partnerships to their franchise holders. The potential profits of Dixy Chicken are large and starting a franchise of their is an opportunity not to be missed for sure.

How to Apply for Dixy Chicken Franchise 

Getting a Dixy Chicken franchise is a simple process. You just need to submit a form on their website and once you get your application form reviewed they will contact you for a meeting. At the initial meeting, they will give you an insight into their company and their requirements. Once you get a site approval, they will send you a confirmation letter and request you for another meeting at their head office to finalise the matter. After getting the confirmation letter, you have to sign the franchise agreement and you will get a receipt of the licence fee. Their team conducts a shop survey and once the investment balance is received you can commence your work.

Dixy Chicken Franchise Cost and Fee Information 

The Royalty fee is 4% of turnover paid monthly and setting up a franchise of Dixy Chicken will cost approximately £120,000.

Is Training And Support Provided In a Dixy Chicken Franchise? 

Dixy Chicken supports their franchise holders at every stage from the very beginning. Their professional team guides you with staff training, franchise location, business advice quality control and marketing. Their dedicated and professional team will guide you on how to deliver efficient customer care services. Their training program helps an individual or a startup to run a successful business and equips them with all the skills required.

Profit Estimates for Dixy Chicken Franchise? 

Dixy Chicken is a successful global brand and an individual can make a good profit ranging from approximately 6% to 8% of the total sales. An individual can make a total profit of $60,000 to $80,000 per year, but it depends on the location, store size and several other factors of the franchise.

Dixy Chicken Franchise Contact Details 

If you are planning to invest or buy a Dixy Chicken franchise, then you can contact on 01564 711 575 and 1 and Fax on 01564 711 326. You can also visit their official website and drop an email at franchise@dixychicken.com

Dixy Chicken Franchise Faq’s

  • What is the minimum investment required to set up a Dixy Chicken Franchise?

~ It costs around £120,000 to set up Dixy Franchise.

  • How much is the Royalty fee?

~ The Royalty fee is 4% of turnover. and it will be paid monthly.

  • How can I open a Dixy Chicken franchise?

~ If you are planning to open a Dixy Chicken franchise, you must submit an application form that is available on their website and send at franchise@dixychicken.com. if you application is approved they tell you future process.

  • What is the profit estimate of Dixy Chicken Franchise?

~ The profit estimate of Dixy Chicken Franchise is approximately around $60,000 to $80,000 annually.

  • How can I benefit from my investment in Dixy Chicken?

~ Dixy Chicken is a successful franchise and a chance to run your own business is a great choice. They offer many rewarding opportunities to their franchise holders. You make a huge profit from investing their franchise. Their franchise Support team supports you at every step and provide comprehensive training to run your franchise successfully.

  • Can an individual buy more than one franchise?

~Yes, an individual can buy more than one franchise, but you should have the adequate funds to run them. It also depends on the factor on how successfully you run the first franchise.

  • Does Dixy Chicken provide training and support to their franchise holders?

~ Yes, Dixy Chicken provides training and support to their franchise holders. Their dedicated team members help you find a suitable location, provides restaurant administration skills and helps you maintain security.