Creative Mojo Franchise

Creative Mojo is an all-inclusive craft experience for the elderly, adults with learning and physical disabilities and mental health issues. Creative Mojo also actively works and specializes in working with people with dementia and other community groups. The workshops are customized for individuals as well groups. Creative Mojo follows a module that allows people to communicate through their own creative expression.

Let’s get you all informed on all the minute details of a Creative Mojo Franchise.

Creative Mojo Franchise STATS

Potential Creative Mojo Franchise

Creative Mojo was founded by Sandra Caldeira-Dunkerley. Sandra studied BA Hons in fashion design and was always inclined towards the creative field. While working in the field of children’s crafts, she was struck with the idea of creative workshops for the elderly and people with learning disabilities. Being a mother of two herself, she understood the value of time. This also reflects in the fundamentals of Creative Mojo, the aim is to strike a work life balance with flexible working hours, whilst still ensuring a good income.

Creative Mojo Franchise

Potential of Creative Mojo Franchise

A franchise with Creative Mojo offers flexible hours and work life balance. You can own a business that also accommodates your family. You can indulge in your hobbies with ample time left to yourself.


Creative Mojo Franchise Cost & Fee Information

The information regarding franchise costs and fees is not available online. However, you can head to the Creative Mojo website and fill in the application form for more details.

Creative Mojo Franchise Contact Information

You can easily fill in the Franchise Enquiry Form here:
Alternatively, you can also call on: 01884 303606.

Creative Mojo Franchise Training & Support

Creative Mojo offers more than 100 personalized pre planned workshop session that helps you prepare for what’s in store. You can all the support you need from the Creative Mojo head office.

Creative Mojo Franchise FAQ’s

  • Can you open a Creative Mojo Franchise?

~ If you like working in a creative field and like spending time with the elderly and people with learning disabilities, you can surely open a Creative Mojo franchise along with flexible working hours and a good work life balance.

  • How much is required to open a Creative Mojo Franchise?

~ The information regarding franchise costs and fees is not available online. However, anybody who is interested in their franchise can visit the Creative Mojo website and fill in the application form. The customer care will call you back with further.

  • Is it safe to invest in Creative Mojo in UK?

~ Creative Mojo give you an opportunity to run a business that you are in control of. It give you the ability to earn a good income and also give something back to the society. With a family of more than 50+ franchises nationally you not only have support from the Mojo head office, but also from 50+ like-minded people.

  • What is the minimum profit one can expect monthly and yearly?

~  Creative Mojo franchisees charge a minimum of £40 per hourly session and with practically no expenses apart from travel costs. On top of that most of the preparation is already done for you by using our 100+ pre-planned workshop sessions.

  • What are different kinds of costs apart from initial investment involved in opening a Creative Mojo Franchise outlet?

~ This information is only given to you after you fill in the Enquiry Form. However, be rest assured that the Creative Mojo team will provide support to the franchisee from the beginning to the end.

  •  Is Funding support available, if yes then for what options?

~ This information is only given to you after you fill in the Enquiry Form.