German Doner Kebab Franchise

We all love food. German Doner Kebab is one brand that has taken Europe and the Middle East by storm. It offers a healthy and nutritional approach to traditional kebabs. Different Food trends have taken over the market in the recent past. People today are looking for authentic cultural experiences in food. German Doner Kebab is the undoubted leader in the kebab market with fresh kebabs at reasonable rates. With healthy kebabs, German Doner Kebab is an intelligent choice that keeps your calories in check.

German Doner Kebab Franchise STATS


~ EURO 200,000


~ EURO 350,000




~ EURO 15,000


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About German Doner Kebab Franchise

German Doner Kebab’s first ever store opened in Berlin in 1989. The doner kebab recipe was created by a Turkish immigrant, Kadir Nurman, who was born in Istanbul but moved to Germany in 1960 at the age of 26. At 40, Nurman set up a stall at the Bahnhof Zoo Station in Berlin from which he sold der Döner, grilled meat cooked on a vertical spit along with salad in a flat pitta bread.
German Doner Kebab uses beef and pure chicken fillets. These meats are imported directly from Germany to maintain quality and consistency, and only fresh, locally produced vegetables are used. The special “Doner Kebab” bread and the secret sauces set German Doner Kebab apart from the rest. The brand operates in UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah), Bahrain, Oman, Sweden, and the UK.

German Doner Kebab Franchise

Potential of German Doner Kebab Franchise

With over 20 years of accumulated knowledge and experience in the kebab industry, German Doner Kebab is a brand that is owned and led by a hugely experienced management team, with decades of experience within the food and franchise sectors. It provides a business plan with established logistics, local marketing, and branding support along with the excitement and flexibility of running your own business with a control over your financial and professional future.

German Doner Kebab Franchise Cost & Fee Information

Liquid Capital required for the franchise is £195,000 with a required Net Worth of £77500. The Total Investment is £350000 and the Franchise Fee is £15000.


How to Apply For German Doner Kebab Franchise

It’s simple to begin the process of application. You can fill out the Franchise Enquiry Form, here:

German Doner Kebab Franchise Training & Support

German Doner Kebab has more than 50 stores thriving in Europe and the Middle East. The brand operates in UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah), Bahrain, Oman, Sweden and the UK. With an experienced team of F&B specialists with an experience of more than 100 years, be rest assured that the whole process is nothing but perfect. German Doner Kebab franchisees are supported by a highly experienced management team who offer basic training as well as additional assistance with your location. There are several ongoing development programmes that help you with managing the franchise. Marketing and branding support is offered locally via agencies. This includes digital marketing, social media campaigns, and promotions. Operational support is also provided on an ongoing basis.

German Doner Kebab Franchise

German Doner Kebab Franchise Contact Information

You can easily fill in the Franchise Enquiry Form
You can also write to to get a copy of the franchise prospectus.

German Doner Kebab Franchise Contact FAQ’s

  • Can you open a German Doner Kebab Franchise?

~ If you are an experienced and talented person who wishes to capitalize on this incredible opportunity by investing in this brand, German Doner Kebab would like to hear from you and assist you in being a part of our successful expansion of multi-unit franchisees in the UK.

  • How much is required to open a German Doner Kebab Franchise in the UK?

Approximate investment for a franchise is £350,000 per store.

  • Is it safe to invest in German Doner Kebab in UK?

~ The company plans to have 700 franchise stores in the UK and Ireland in the next 10 years, and approximately 1,500 stores worldwide. This is the perfect time to get the territory you want and be a part of this flourishing business. German Doner Kebab has already taken deposits by over 200 sites across the country from the experienced franchise and food operators. German Doner Kebab will also be opening its first stores in the U.S. and Canada in 2019.

  • What is the minimum profit one can expect monthly and yearly?

~ The doner kebab is the most popular takeaway food in Germany, where more than 2.2m sales daily, which equates to roughly €3.5 billion/ £302,2285 each year. While no accurate data of their profits is available online, it is safe to assume that they have been on a path of growth.

  • What are different kinds of costs apart from initial investment involved in opening a German Doner Kebab outlet?

~ Along with the franchise fee, the German Doner Kebab franchisor charges a royalty fee of 6 percent each month and a monthly marketing fee of 3 percent.

  •  Is Funding support available, if yes then for what options?

~ German Doner Kebab expects its franchisees to have liquid funds to cover the costs of their first store. German Doner Kebab also offers financing options from third party financial institutions that may be able to help.