Harry Ramsden Franchise

Harry Ramsden has been serving for more than 90 years to their customers and strives to offer lip-smacking dishes so that their customers come back every time. They have more than 30 outlets all over the United Kingdom and their each and every restaurant adheres to the same high-quality standards. Harry Ramsden takes pride in their heritage and has guarded their secret recipe of Harry’s famous batter. Their dedication to continue their tradition of their founder helps them to serve the tastiest fish and chips in the world.

Harry Ramsden is a leading brand name in the United Kingdom and their refreshed menu,  contemporary ambience and consistently use of high-quality products makes them the best in the market. Their foundation is based on three formats, namely, Takeaway, Quick Service and Full-Service Restaurants providing phenomenal opportunities for multiple trade areas. This blog will entail all the relevant details of how to own a Harry Ramsden franchise and what they expect from their franchise holders.

Ramsden Franchise STATS


EUR 200,000


EUR 350,000






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Ramsden Franchise History

Harry Ramsden is famous for their Fish & Chips and they are proud to be the longest established restaurant chain in the United Kingdom. With a rich heritage and successful history, they have proven their brand name in the market. They are celebrating their business operation for over 90 years and they have successful branches all over the United Kingdom, Malaysia and Ireland.

Ramsden Franchise Potential

Harry Ramsden is a leading brand in the UK and they are best known for their Fish & Chips. They are one of the most iconic British brands and their growing popularity of home delivery services is boosting their profits. If an individual or a start-up is looking to invest or buy their franchise, then there has never been a better time to join their company. The franchise holders can find a wide range of options when selecting the territories, from major tourist locations to seaside locations.

Harry Ramsden Franchise


Harry Ramsden has a proven format which is profitable for all locations. The annual sales of fish & chips in the year 2017 were £1.2billion. Their reputation is built on high-quality food using sustainably sourced fish and potatoes fresh from the ground. Harry Ramsden dedicated and passionate Franchise support team will provide support, arrange the initial training program, helps you with business reviews, conducts various brand audits, marketing and promotional support to help you expand your business. Harry Ramsden is a global brand and there are so many reasons why you should invest in their franchise, so don’t overthink as it will be the right thing to do.

How to Apply for Ramsden Franchise

If you are planning to apply for the Harry Ramsden franchise, then you can contact their professional franchise team. Once your appointment is fixed, then you can discuss and select the right potential territory to open your franchise. The next step is to give a presentation and present your business plan to the Franchise Team for approval. After your business plan gets approved, you can secure the territory and sign the Franchise Agreement through a refundable deposit.

Ramsden Franchise Cost and Fee information

The cost and fee information of the Harry Ramsden Franchise varies depending on the territory and size of the store. However, the franchise holder should have approximately between 30 to 35% of the total costs as liquid funds. For the Quick Service Restaurant, the cost will be around £200000, for Full-Service Restaurant it will range approximately £350000 and for the Assisted Service Restaurant the cost will be £350000. The territory fees of the Harry Ramsden Franchise is £15,000 plus VAT, the Marketing Levy is 1% of gross turnover excluding VAT and the Royalty Fee is 5% of gross turnover excluding VAT.

Ramsden Franchise Profit Estimate

The Harry Ramsden franchise is a leading brand name and their franchise holder can make a huge profit. The profit varies depending on the size and the location and ranges from approximately 6% to 9% of the total sales.

Ramsden Franchise Training & Support

es, training and support services are available at the Harry Ramsden Franchise. Before you open your franchise store, all the franchise holders undergo a training program. The training takes place for any one member of your staff and yourself in a selected Harry Ramsden site for up to four weeks. In the training program, the franchise holders learn fundamental skills required to operate the franchise successfully. They learn how to manage food preparation, how to operate a Harry Ramsden supply chain and how to cook through customer service.

At the Harry Ramsden Franchise, the franchise holders will be given extensive training between trading their Harry Ramsden franchise and site handover. Their franchise support team further gives training to the rest of the team members and when the holders open their franchise. The support services are also available in the first week of business operation. The on-going support services will help the holders maximise the success of their Harry Ramsden’s franchise store.

Ramsden Franchise Contact Information

The interested individual can contact the Harry Ramsden on 020 3077 5880 or visit them on First Floor (North), Chancery House, 53/64 Chancery Lane, WC2A 1QS office for any queries related to the opening of Franchise store.

Ramsden Franchise FAQ’s

Is it possible to open the Harry Ramsden franchise in a specific area in the United Kingdom?

~ Yes, it is possible, but you will need to check the availability with the franchise team of the Harry Ramsden. Once your appointment is booked for opening the Harry Ramsden franchise, you have to fill the geographical area of your interest. The franchise team will suggest you various locations and you can select it.

What is the royalty fee of the Harry Ramsden franchise?

~ The royalty fee of the Harry Ramsden is 5% of gross turnover excluding VAT.

Are training and support services available at the Harry Ramsden franchise?

~ Yes, training and support services are available at the Harry Ramsden franchise. The franchise holders get four weeks of comprehensive training prior to opening the franchise store.

Can we open the Harry Ramsden franchise without experience in running a business? 

~ Yes, you can open the Harry Ramsden franchise without any expertise or prior experience in running a business. The interested individual should be dedicated and should have an amazing business plan.

What do the franchise holders receive for their investment in the Harry Ramsden franchise?

~ The franchise holders get a huge turnover, comprehensive training, support services during the first week of the business operation and interesting opportunities from their investment.