Zero Dry Time Franchise

Zero Dry Time was established in the year 2006 by David Muirhead. At the Zero Dry Time, they offer environment-friendly and non-toxic services to their customers. Now, their customers do not have to wait for industrial and domestic cleaning services as they extend their services for tiles, grout, rugs, leather, hard floors and other commercial spaces that need a quick cleaning. They value their franchises and help them expand their business by providing an efficient and innovative system. Their proven successful system provides a platform that generates quick returns to their franchise holders. The Zero Dry Time has received many awards like the Best Print Advert and the  Best Marketing Support.

Zero Dry Time provides its customers with holistic eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Their services are technically proven and their staff uses advanced cleaning solutions for your office or home. In this blog, we will guide you on how to start your own Zero Dry Time franchise and what they expect from their franchise holders. This blog will also entail the benefits of starting a Zero Dry Time franchise and its cost to set-up.

Zero Dry Time Franchise STATS


EUR 24,950


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Zero Dry Time Franchise History

Zero Dry Time established in 2006 by David Muirhead and his partner Julie, who understood the importance to dry the carpets in no time. Their business expanded in no time with more than thirty vans all over the United Kingdom. Their master franchise is in New Zealand and they will soon open in Egypt and Australia. Zero Dry Time originated from the North East and has grown into a global cleaning brand with successful operators all over the United Kingdom.

Zero Dry Time introduced the latest sonic cleaning technology to its franchise holders and its machines let the holders specialize in every aspect of hard floor cleaning, Carpets, Upholstery, Wooden Floors, and Wooden Floors. In the year 2017, Zero Dry Time has opened 51 franchises and in 2018, they opened 60 franchises and opened the first franchise in the Republic of Ireland.

Zero Dry Time Franchise Potential

Zero Dry Time offers tremendous opportunities to their franchise holders which can change their life. They provide real opportunities to the holders by giving them an innovative system that will help them expand their business each and every year. They offer flexible working hours and the holders can decide where and when will they be working. Zero Dry Time offers many benefits to their franchise holders and there is no reason to doubt your decision if you are planning to join the Zero Dry Time franchise.

Zero Dry Time
Zero Dry Time

At the Zero Dry Time, the holders can get a chance to offer their services in the commercial and domestic market. Once you join their franchise, you will get an excellent platform to earn in a quick time and you can operate multiple vans once you start their franchise. Their franchise holders become a part of a national network of experienced staff. Their staff receives a comprehensive training program and support services when you decide to join their network. They offer choices between opting for taking on a management role or running a ‘man in a van franchise. Their holders can select to work either part-time or full-time. If you are interested in starting their franchise, then it is the right step in building your career.

Zero Dry Time Franchise Cost & Fee Information

The cost of starting a Zero Dry Time franchise is approximately £24,950 plus VAT. the cost will include a training program fee, equipment fees, and seven professional machines. They also provide leasing and finance options to their franchise holders. The cost fee will also include the postcode area for both commercial and domestic. The franchise holders will also get access to the video on their e-learning portal.

Zero Dry Time Franchise Profit Estimate

At the Zero Dry Time, they let their franchise holders take control of their life. The franchise holders can earn over £1,000 weekly.

Zero Dry Time Franchise Training and Support

Yes, support and training services are available at the Zero Dry Time franchise. They provide all the essential equipment and training to boost your business. The franchise holders receive back office support, tips on how to run a successful marketing campaign and they continually offer new programs to update their franchise holders. Their professional staff helps the holders to launch and run the business efficiently.

At the Zero Dry Time franchise, they offer an array of benefits to their franchise holders which includes a proven maintenance program, latest cleaning products, and machines, low investment, and marketing policies. They also help their franchise holders to deal with the paperwork and also handles all the paper works that their holders can solely focus on developing their franchise and running it successfully. At the Zero Dry Time franchise, they offer essential resources, basic supplies, and guidance.

Zero Dry Time Franchise Contact Information

If you interested to buy start a franchise of Zero Dry Time and have queries then you can call on 0191 691 5710 or drop a mail at You can also visit their office in the Unit 6 Ruby Park, Brunswick Industrial Estate, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE13 7BA.

Zero Dry Time Franchise FAQ’s

  • Can we open the Zero Dry Time franchise without experience in running a business?

~ Yes, you can start the Zero Dry Time franchise without any specialization or prior experience in running a business. The interested individual should be dedicated and should have the essential skills.

  • Are training and support services available at the Zero Dry Time Franchise? 

~ Yes, training and support services are available at the Zero Dry Time franchise. They also offer back support services and a marketing campaign.

  • What is the profit estimate of the Zero Dry Time franchise? 

~ The profit estimate is over £1,000 weekly.

  • What do the franchise holders receive for their investment in the Zero Dry Time franchise?

~ The franchise holders get a huge turnover in no time. They also get comprehensive training and support services.