Terraclean Franchise

TerraClean works as a patented technology to clean the fuel system of vehicles. The technology removes carbon from the fuel system which in turn improves a vehicle’s engine performance. It also reduces emissions and increases the lifespan of a vehicle.

TerraClean is used by more than 500 dealers in the UK and Ireland. TerraClean dealers are trained professionals who thoroughly diagnose each engine and resolve carbon problems accordingly.

Why take a Terraclean franchise?

Terraclean is an advanced technology that is extremely useful in increasing the lifespan of a vehicle. This is why many people prefer Terraclean over traditional hydrogen based technologies. Terraclean has marked its territories in the UK and Ireland with over 500 partner dealerships. With its wide range of tools it can easily clean EGR valves, combustion chambers and Diesel Particulate Filters, among other parts of your vehicle.

Terraclean is a superior technology and is here to stay and grow!

Terraclean Franchise


How to Apply for a Terraclean franchise?

If you are interested in applying for the Terraclean Franchise, you can visit this link and fill their application form:


There are two forms, one for becoming a Terraclean service centre and one for becoming a Terraclean partner. You can choose the one you are interested in and apply accordingly.

Does Terraclean provide Training or Support?

After filling up the appropriate form, a member of the Terraclean team will contact you with additional information. Based on the type of association you are looking at, you will receive further support on how to set up your business and provide Terraclean services to your customers.

Terraclean Franchise Cost Information

This information has not been revealed by the company yet. It is only after you fill the form, that the company will discuss the set up costs and investments with you. The average set up cost and franchise fee will also depend on whether you choose to become a Terraclean service centre or whether you become a Terraclean partner. Costs also depend on the location, size of the site, etc.

Terraclean Franchise Funding

Again, this information has not been made available by the company. However, you can discuss funding option with Terraclean, on your first interaction with the company. Based on your investment, you and Terraclean can discuss a possible funding plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it safe to invest in Terraclean?

~ Terraclean believes in providing exceptional service to its customers. Their advanced technology takes them ahead of other traditional services in the market. It is good to invest in an idea that is used and preferred by thousands of customers.

  • Who can open the Terraclean franchise?

~ If you already own a service centre and would like to partner with Terraclean or if you wish to open a new service centre, then you can franchise with Terraclean! Anybody with experience in the cleaning, fuel or vehicle industry or a keen interest in it, is a good candidate to apply.