LockRite Franchise

LockRite is a part of the Rite Group and UK’s largest network of locksmiths. The company caters to both domestic as well as commercial markets with their wide range of locksmith products and services. They also deal in security installation, repairs, lock fittings, etc, for both domestic and commercial properties.

LockRite Franchise STATS

Why take a LockRite franchise?

LockRite enjoys a leading position in the locksmith market in the UK. Every day, approximately 5 million customers avail services from LockRite.

The brand offers a mobile van service, 24 hours a day. They deal with lock outs, general as well as burglary repairs, digital lock installations and maintenance, among other things. They also offer emergency services and strive to get to your door within 30 minutes.

A 12-month manufacturer’s warranty on all their products and a 90 days guarantee on all workmanship, along with a 24 hours service, make LockRite, one of the best locksmith services in the UK. Moreover, their trusted track record, comprehensive training and support and easy franchise process, make it a good franchise option.

LockRite Franchise


LockRite Franchise Cost Information

LockRite has a very transparent financial process. The initial investment for a LockRite franchise is estimated to be approximately, £10,000 and the total investment required is approximately £29,750. There is also an additional VAT charged.

In addition to this, there are two more fees charged by the LockRite team. You will be liable to pay an operational fee amounting to £125 along with additional VAT on a monthly basis.

The company will also charge you a royalty fee of 15 % every month. The royalty fee is charged on your monthly turnover.

LockRite Franchise Funding

LockRite offers its franchisees, funding support through third party lenders and banks. The company has not released any precise information on the percentage of funding that they offer. However, they do offer various funding options based on each individual, to help cover the costs of the initial investments and fees.

LockRite Franchise Funding

If you are interested in applying for the LockRite Franchise, you can visit this link and request a callback by filing their franchise form:
The LockRite team will reach out to you with all the necessary information.

Does LockRite provide Training or Support?

The LockRite package comes with a number of things. You will begin with a 5 week locksmith training module. This module will cover high skilled and professional locksmith techniques. You will also receive some additional training from Yale.

In addition to the locksmith training, you will have a training module for marketing, administration, sales and accounts.

The LockRite franchise does not just stop at training. You will be provided with a Lockrite van on competitive finance, an iPad installed with the system software, stationery, manuals, uniforms, etc.

You will also be given professional locksmith tools and equipments, and an assurance to receive work from day one of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it safe to invest in LockRite?

~ LockRite offers a comprehensive package of training and unending support, making it a viable and safe investment. To be absolutely sure, you can go on to read some franchisee reviews on their experience with LockRite here:


  • What is the minimum profit one can expect to earn?

~ LockRite franchises can have a possible estimated income of more than £70,000 per annum.

  • Who can open the LockRite franchise?

~ LockRite does not mandate any previous experience with the locksmith industry. In fact, they provide all the training and information, so anyone can apply to the franchise.

It is important to be ambitious and hardworking and be prepared to run a mobile business that operates on a 24 hours module.