Fit4less Franchise

Fit4less is a name to reckon with in the fitness industry. With their low-cost membership options starting from just £16.99 per month, Fit4less has been able to retain many loyal customers.

Fit4less is a part of the énergie Group, one of the fastest growing fitness club franchise businesses in the UK. They are known in the market to be a low cost yet highly effective fitness program. They provide their customers great value for money!

Fit4less Franchise STATS

Why take a Fit4less franchise?

Currently, Fit4less has over 100 fitness clubs operating in the UK, Ireland, Latvia, and Qatar. They have close to 70,000 active members. Moreover, énergie is a huge name in the market today. When you take a Fit4less franchise, you are associating yourself with énergie and its reputation. Your chances of success are almost doubled!

Operating a low-cost fitness center in an area full of expensive health clubs and centres, will give you an edge over your competitors.

Fit4less Franchise Cost & Fee

The minimum total investment cost for the Fit4less franchise is £115,000. Apart from this, there is a franchise fee of £29,999.
These costs can vary depending on the location. At the time of filling up the franchise form, you will be prompted to fill in the investment you can make. You can then discuss further funding options with the franchise team.


Rest assured the Fit4less team will offer you abundant financial support. The team will help you with your lease negotiations and also help you secure a profitable business plan so you can cover your investment costs.

Fit4less Franchise Funding

Fit4less offers funding options to their franchisees. They have partnerships with many major banks in the UK that you can leverage for funding your business. Finding funding would not be a problem for you. Fit4less will be there you guide every step of the way!

How to Apply?

If you are interested in applying for the Fit4less Franchise, you can visit this link and fill their franchise form:
Or you can call on: (+44) 845 363 1020.

You can also request for an information pack here:

Fit4less provide Training or Support

The Fit4less franchise package comes with many components. You will commence the training with a three day énergie Basic Management Course or EBMC. Fit4less will also offer training and assistance with business planning as well as finance. The Fit4less team will help you finding the best possible site for your business. They will also connect you with equipment suppliers, and other vendors.

Apart from this, you will receive marketing, membership management, operations, and HR support. You will have access to many manuals and handbooks to keep you informed. Your staff will have separate énergie training, so they can support you to the best of their abilities. The pre-sales team will also help you in getting new memberships so you can start your business with a bang.

Keeping this aside, if you ever require any help or support, you can simply contact the énergie helpdesk.

Fit4less Franchise FAQ’s

  • Is it safe to invest in Fit4less?

~ The health and fitness industry has grown tremendously over the years. Currently, it is a £4.9 billion industry. People are becoming more conscious about their health than they ever were. To top this fitness frenzy, Fit4less makes fitness an affordable activity. This is a great attraction for customers.

  • What is the minimum profit one can expect monthly and yearly?

~ This information has not been declared by the company. However, most Fit4less members pay by direct monthly debit, making it easier for you to anticipate your monthly income well in advance, so you can ascertain your profits easily.

  • Who can open the Fit4less franchise?

~ Fit4less is a great business opportunity for people who want to be a part of a £4.9 billion fitness industry. If you are a fitness enthusiast, like working with people and are motivated, inspired and determined, you can consider Fit4less as a viable franchise option.