Learn What to Pack in a School Kit

Preparation is key when it comes to surviving school. Things can go off unplanned almost all of the time.

After having breakfast, you can have your lunch packed, leave, and make it to school on time. But, you’ll catch yourself in a tight spot for several instances, so being fully ready can be wise. 

Learning what to pack in a school kit properly will help you to successfully get through each school year. These are the helpful things that you can depend on day after day to pack in a school survival kit that will help you survive your student years. Read on to learn more.

Learn What to Pack in a School Kit

Basic First-Aid Kit

It’s likely that you will get hurt or sick often over the years of being a student. For severe injuries or health issues, the clinic is easy to access. There will be several times over the years when you may just need a little aid for minor injuries or sicknesses.


It’s nice to have some basic first-aid stuff if you want to take care of a tiny cut or a minor condition yourself. You can include some band-aids, Ibuprofen or aspirin, antacid tablets, alcohol patches, and gauze bandages.

Personal Hygiene Supplies

To survive school each day, looking clean and feeling confident is important. To ensure that you can make it through the day with small touch-ups, if needed, carry a few hygiene supplies in your kit

You can include deodorant, breath mints or gum, face wipes or oil pads, body spray, perfume or cologne, a toothbrush, hand sanitizer or lotion, and chapstick.

Extra School Supplies

If you run short of something in your bag or pencil case, it’s great to have the most essential ones in your survival kit with some extras. You should also have those items that you don’t need each day, but that you may need sometimes.

You may bring these good survival supplies for the classroom: highlighter; flash drive, pencil and sharpener, pencil lead, erasers, paper clips, small stapler with extra staples, post-it notes, and copy of your class schedule.

Healthy Snacks

A perfect way of helping drive yourself through the day is in-between class snacks. With an array of nutritious snacks, you can be ready for a long day at school. 

In order to keep yourself focused and energetic during your afternoon physics or exercise class, you could have homemade granola bars, trail mix, roasted pumpkin seeds, or plain chocolate chip cookies. Also, eating snacks helps you to understand lessons or class materials better.

Make-Up Essentials

You may have some touch-up items already in your clutch or other pockets if you wear make-up to school. Still, having some little stuff in your survival kit is a smart idea if you want to have back-ups. 

A neutral lip-gloss, a lightweight eye shadow palette, eyeliner pencil, and mascara can be part of a basic make-up kit. And, if you don’t like the idea of using your hands to apply make-up, you can prefer to bring some handy makeup brushes.

Other Miscellaneous Items

Learn What to Pack in a School Kit

You’ll be glad to have some back-ups in your survival kit if you miss any of the following. These things might meet or exceed, but they might be necessary for an emergency. 

Consider bringing a water bottle, a comb or brush, spare underwear and socks, hair ties and bobby pins, some extra money and change, a couple of batteries, and an extra phone charger into your school survival kit.


When little annoyances happen, it’s nice to be prepared. In the middle of a school emergency, you do not want to be left unprepared. You will be able to act efficiently in the event of an unexpected situation or incident by having sufficient supplies at your disposal.