Taco Bell Franchise

Taco Bell is more than just a food restaurant. It has become synonymous with Mexican food today. Taco Bell was founded in 1962, in California by Glen Bell. Intrigued by a Mexican restaurant that sold tacos, Bell decided to open his own taco kiosk in 1952. He called his kiosk Taco-Tia. He eventually sold off his numerous Taco-Tia kiosks and turned them into Taco Bell in 1962.

Here is some basic information you need to know about the Taco Bell franchise:

Taco Bell Franchise STATS

About Taco Bell Franchise

Taco Bell is a go-to name whenever anyone thinks of Mexican food. Taco Bell has been instrumental in taking Mexican food to different geographies and making it a well-known cuisine across nationalities. Taco Bell’s iconic crunchy and cheesy tacos are a hit among its customer base. Their food products are made fresh to order. In fact, the brand follows very strict standards of food safety and quality that are among the highest in the food industry.

Potential of Taco Bell Franchise

Taco Bell has garnered enormous popularity for their Mexican food. Taco Bell is an iconic name in the market today. Taco Bell caters to more than 2 billion customers each year. They have more than 7,000 outlets across the world. The company has made a mark for itself in Europe, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, India, Japan, and Singapore.
Taco Bell is growing rapidly across the globe and plans to have 8,000 restaurants all over the world by the year 2023. This implies that they would also have the power to create 1,00,000 jobs by then. You can rest assured that by choosing to invest in a Taco Bell franchise, you will be a part of an entity that is ruling internationally.

Taco Bell Franchise


Taco Bell Franchise Cost & Fee Information

While it only costs ₤55,000 to ₤90,000 to own a Taco Bell franchise, the total investment that you may be required to put it is estimated around £800,000 + VAT.

How to Apply for Taco Bell Franchise?

You can contact the Taco Bell team on their Contact Us page on this link: https://customers.tacobelluk.co.uk/contact-us.php
They will get back to you with all the necessary information.

Taco Bell Franchise Training and Support

Taco Bell ensures that you have the right support from day one. The Taco Bell franchise team will assist you with everything, like finding a suitable location for the store, store training, staff training, finance and operational support, etc.
You will begin with an eight week-long restaurant training. There is separate training for managers and store leaders. The training is a combination of web-based training, classroom training and on the job training. A certified Taco Bell training instructor will train you inside a Taco Bell training restaurant so you get a practical knowledge of things.
Even after opening your own Taco Bell franchise, you will receive ongoing support from the franchise team in the form of seminars, meetings, and forums. Taco Bell is committed to seeing their franchises grow and prosper.

Taco Bell Franchise Contact Information

You can contact the Taco Bell team on their contact us page on this link:

FAQ’s About Taco Bell Franchise

  • Can you open a Taco Bell Franchise?

~ If you are passionate about food and are driven by success, then yes, you can open a Taco Bell Franchise. The ideal franchisee is someone who loves for the food industry and can contribute to the growth of the company.

  • How much is required to open a Taco Bell Franchise in the UK?

~ You need a minimum investment of £ 800,000 + VAT.

  • Is it safe to invest in Taco Bell in the UK?

~ Taco Bell is a brand to reckon with. It is a globally recognized brand. With expansion plans and a goal to have 8,000 restaurants by 2023, it is one of the most rapidly growing businesses in the world. Associating yourselves with a world leader can only increase the prospects of your own success.

  • Is Funding support available, if yes then for what options?

~ You can discuss this information with Taco Bell directly.