The Pros and Cons of Pet Birds

If you love birds, then they are a great animal to have as pets. You should choose the breed that is friendly and affectionate and likes the indoors. Even then, as a new bird owner, you’ll get a few bird bites.

Then you have to consider the environment you live in. You will consider the amount of space you have as well as other pets. If you love a quiet environment, a bird might not be the pet for you.

Just like any pet, birds have advantages and disadvantages. For instance, their bright colors add vibrancy to the home, their songs are soothing and you have a companion for life. But they can be expensive.

The Pros and Cons of Pet Birds

Pros of Pet Birds


For people that live alone, you need to know there is a companion you have in your bird. It is said the companionship you get from birds mirrors that of humans, and in case you are upset, your bird will be there to listen to you without answering back. 

It is a good feeling to know you have a companion to share your moments with.


No Silence

Do you get worried about awkward silences? There is no sound of silence around your home as long as you have a feathered friend around. You can count on them to be happy and elevate your mood. 

Moreover, it is said that a company of pet birds boost morale, improve your well-being and reduce stress symptoms. Listening to them sing in the morning sets the right mood for the day.

Work the Mind

When you get older, your cognitive functioning (ability to think, learn and remember) keeps reducing. The brain slows down and it becomes difficult to remember things. 

To remedy this, you need to keep your brain active most of the time. Since teaching birds anything like tricks needs a lot of personal interaction and attention, it is a great way to exercise your brain.

They say, taking care of a pet bird is like looking after a three year old. Therefore, you will need to pay more attention to your feathered friend, be responsible and dedicate as much time to it as possible. 

You will need to clean its cage frequently, give it food and water and let it get used to you. Then you can sit and enjoy your happy and healthy feathered friend singing for you as a ‘thank you’.


Requires Big Space

It might be hard to build a cage for your bird in your one roomed apartment. Birds require enough space, preferably outdoor where you can build them a cage, get them out often and clean. 

If you live in the city center, a bird pet might not be ideal for you. Their singing might be pleasant for you, but not for your neighbors.

Birds Demand Attention

You have probably seen most people caging a bird and just leaving it in the corner. That’s not how you bring up a pet bird. Birds require attention, bonding and talking with their owners. 

Just like any pet, birds need you to pay attention to them. If you don’t, they will start making noise, if it is enough to call for your attention.

Bird Doctors are Rare

Before you get a pet bird, first inquire if there is an avian veterinarian in your area. They are rare to come by because the demand for birds is much less compared to cats and dogs. 

Also because they are rare, they might charge a bit more than other veterinarians. You will need him to check your bird for any diseases before you can take him or her home.

The Pros and Cons of Pet Birds


Birds are Noisy

Much as birds are known to sing beautiful melodies, not everyone is pleased. Also, some people love to listen to those melodies as they make them feel closer to nature. 

If you live in a busy city, birds’ melodies are the closest to nature you will feel. However, there are people that don’t like those bird sounds. Some call it irritating and noisy. Consider your neighbors and housemates before you take the plunge.

Final Word

Birds are rare pets but are beautiful to have. If you have the time, space and can access an avian veterinarian, a bird might be a great pet for you. But remember, their natural instinct is to fly, so cooping them up in a cage will lead to a depressed bird.