Best Dogs for Small Spaces – Discover Them Here

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Do you have a big heart for dogs but live in a small apartment? Don’t worry, you can still get a small pup that you can live with in a small space. So when looking for a pup, look for the laid-back small breeds.

Large dogs like a German Shepherd or Husky require a lot of space for both their size and the energy they have. Therefore, leave these ones for now until you acquire a bigger space and your dog options are limitless.

It would be ideal to get a polite and quiet dog as not all your neighbors will want to partake in your dog experience. Up next we’re going to tell you all about the best dog breeds to match your space and lifestyle. 

Best Dogs for Small Spaces - Discover Them Here

Bichon Frise

This utterly charming and hypoallergenic dog is number one on this list. It is one pup that will have fun with you in your small apartment. They are known to be ‘city dogs’, and are low-shedding and quiet. 


So don’t worry about your neighbors complaining about your pup making noise or dirtying the apartment hallways. They require moderate exercise to thrive, weigh about 15 pounds and get along with people easily. 

French Bulldog

It is one breed that is so popular with metropolitan millennials. They were the most popular dogs in the 18th century in Paris, but now, you are likely to find them hanging out with North American city dwellers. 

They are small in size (weigh about 20 pounds), so you don’t have to compete for couch space. Also, they are not barkers, so you will live in peace with your neighbors. They are low energy dogs and love to be indoors.

Frenchies also are known to be allergic to grass, therefore your small apartment is its ideal place compared to outdoors. 

Their common breathing issues like Brachycephalic Obstructive Syndrome (BOS) require them to be indoors. Also, they love to play with squeak toys or chew which you can tuck away in the corner of your small apartment.

Best Dogs for Small Spaces - Discover Them Here
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Who knew that the fastest dog can live peacefully in a one-roomed apartment? Truth is, much as a greyhound is a sprinter, it likes to lounge most of the time. 

There is a myth about greyhounds that they require a lot of exercise. That is not true, instead, they are pretty much couch potatoes. Actually, if you live in wet or cold environments, you might have to fight to get them out of the house.

Also, people tend to think only small sized dogs are the only ideal ones for small apartments. A greyhound is not small, yet will thrive well in small spaces. 

But you have also seen small dogs that bark at any noise – these are not recommended for small spaces. On the other hand, when a greyhound is home alone, it will most likely be lying on the couch enjoying some downtime.


These are excellent dogs for small spaces because of their small size, lazy and calm demeanor and their tendency to love sleep over exercise. They require moderate exercise hence even a one-roomed apartment is enough for it to run around. 

Though a little mischievous, pugs love to walk around and most of the time prefer to sleep on the couch. It also loves food, therefore keep treats in check to avoid obesity.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These small sized canines are also ideal for small apartments and are so friendly towards other dogs and humans. They weigh 13 to 18 pounds and therefore can thrive well in the smallest of spaces. 

These silky beauties love to lounge in your lap, therefore be prepared to carry them on your lap as you catch a movie or watch TV. Also, they enjoy taking walks around the apartment in a quiet and friendly manner.

Final Thoughts

If you love dogs, you can have them as a pet regardless of where you live. Much as the bigger ones like the shepherd prefer big compounds, there are smaller sized breeds for small spaces. 

Usually, they are laid back, low shedding, quiet and require minimal exercise, so it is a perfect marriage of a little cute pup and small apartment.