Caring for a Cat With FIV – Best Tips

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If you let your cat go outside unchaperoned, you might be exposing him to Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), which is closely related to HIV in humans. It damages your cat’s immune system and in turn decreases their ability to fight off infections.

FIV occurs from cat to cat transmission and it is usually contracted through a puncture wound. So if your cat is rowdy and likes to fight or play aggressively with other cats, he could be susceptible.

FIV is slow acting and therefore your cat might not show symptoms right away. If a cat can keep off secondary infections, it can live longer with the FIV virus. Learn the best tips for caring for an FIV- infected cat below.

Caring for a Cat With FIV - Best Tips
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All cats require a clean and well-aerated environment regardless of whether or not they have the FIV virus. However, it is even more important for an infected cat as it is a high risk of acquiring various infections.


You need to keep your cat in an open space where he can breathe fresh air, run around, and get sunshine. All these things are crucial for your cat’s well being. 

Do no create congested and enclosed environments that will expose your cat to pollutants. If a place is enclosed, stale air is circulating with air fresheners, cleaners, perfumes, etc. 

So your cat will breathe all this in and when it gets to its lungs, your cat will have greater problems.

Enclosed environments mean the cat is receiving the same air breathed out, and then it is mixed with pollutants that can be detrimental. 


All cats need regular grooming to avoid skin and other infections. It is important that you trim off excess hair, wash with shampoo, and brush to avoid entanglement (usually affects long-haired cats). 

In the process of grooming, you can check your cat’s eyes, ears, skin, and claws for any infections. When you notice any, you want to take him to the vet immediately.


Cats require a well-balanced diet-even much more an FIV infected one. There are various cat foods available in stores, so you want to understand the ingredients and keep mixing foods so your cat doesn’t get only one type of food. 

Cats need sufficient minerals and nutrients essential for growth and increasing their immunity. Cats also require plenty of water to keep them hydrated.

Different cats require different types and amounts of food depending on weight, age, and other issues. Therefore, you might need to consult your vet regarding these parameters so you are not giving your food the wrong food or food amounts. 

However, basic advice will be to give your cat a variety of foods to maximize the essential nutrients each food type offers.


Cats generally are clean animals. However, you also need to help keep their environment clean by keeping away food from their litter box.

Also, when they shed off some fur, you want to clean it off the ground otherwise it might find its way into the cat’s food or water and can affect the breathing when it gets to the lungs. 

Ensure your cat has been sufficiently trained regarding toilet manners so that he doesn’t contaminate his food and water.

Restrict His Movement

If you have an FIV-positive cat, he shouldn’t mix with other cats as this increases his chances of acquiring secondary infections. You can take your cat out for exercise, fresh air in an environment without other animals.  


Caring for a Cat With FIV - Best Tips
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Cats normally have a two-course vaccination process. You need to visit your vet in case your cat needs more vaccinations. 

Also, do regular vet visits for routine checks, in case some infections haven’t shown symptoms yet. Since immunity is low, you want to treat any infection ASAP.

Conclusive Remark

FIV is spread from cat to cat through contact. When your cat tests positive to FIV, ensure you give him a balanced diet so that he receives all the necessary nutrients and minerals. Also, ensure a well-ventilated environment and regular rooming. 

All pets need regular vet visits regardless of their health or breed, so stay on top of that.