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Tumble Tots has been operating a leading franchise network since 1979. It is one of the United Kingdom’s successful companies. Tumble Tots is built upon a strong foundation by the founder Bill Cosgrave. Their innovative programme helps the children to develop coordination, boost confidence a balance of motor skills and maintain agility. Their activities and the sessions help the children with developing their brain and polish their language and listening skills. Tumble Tots provides 45-minute classes for children between 6 months and 7 years old.

Tumble Tots has opened more than 400 centres and operates around 80 franchises in the United Kingdom. This blog will discuss how to open a Tumble Tots franchise and entail all the details related to opening it.

Tumble Tots Franchise STATS


EUR 14,000


EUR 25,000






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Tumble Tots Franchise History

Tumble Tots established in 1979 and over 1.5 million babies have benefitted from attending their award-winning classes. They started with the aim to develop children’s skills and help them grow into healthy adults and become more confident.

Tumble Tots in 1984 was acquired by the Jack Chia-MPH Group and introduced their concept in Singapore and Malaysia. In 1990, they became one of the leading United Kingdom parenting centers. Since its inception, it has expanded in no time and has opened many new centers across the United Kingdom.

Tumble Tots Franchise


Tumble Tots Franchise Potential

Tumble Tots is a highly reputable children’s center in the United Kingdom. Buying their franchise is a great opportunity as the franchise holder has benefitted in many ways. They provide a three-year license to operate the Tumble Tots Program. They also provide a registered trademark. The franchise holders also get the backing and security of a well-established organization. Tumble Tots also provides with a business operation manual which covers all aspects such as guidelines on public relation structure, advertising, and promotions. An individual should invest in a Tumble Tots franchise as it is surely a great deal.

Tumble Tots Franchise Cost & Fee Information

The total cost of opening the Tumble Tots franchise is £25,000. The initial investment cost will be around £14000. The interested individual can get a loan of 50 – 70% of the cost from banks if they don’t have the full amount. But, it will depend on the financial history of yours.

Tumble Tots Franchise Profit Estimates

The Tumble Tots franchise is a successful brand name in the United Kingdom and their franchise holder can make a good profit ranging from approximately 8% to 9% of the total sales.

Tumble Tots Franchise Training & Support

Yes, Tumble Tots provides training and support to their franchise holders. By joining their company, you are not all by yourself and their dedicated team will provide you support and in-depth training. The franchise holders will go through an initial training programme, where they will be guided on lesson plans and instruction techniques. Apart, from this, they also provide on-going training and offers courses and holds seminars throughout your training to ensure you get the best knowledge of business and programme developments.

The franchise holders can rest assured as they will receive full support from the qualified and professionals. They will guide you at every step and your success will be their success.

How to Apply for Tumble Tots Franchise

If you want to apply for the Tumble Tots franchise, then you will need to visit their website. After opening the franchise opportunities section, you will need to submit the form and submit to their head office.

After filling the form, you will get an idea of their centre and how they work and what they expect from you. You will receive a copy of the Tumble Tots prospectus, which will enlighten you with more detailed information on the franchise opportunity and what can you expect from them after joining their franchise. After submitting the form, you can contact them directly with any queries you have.

Tumble Tots Franchise Contact Information

You can visit the Tumble Tots at their office at 49G Pipers Road,
Park Farm, Redditch, Worcs, B98 0HU and contact them on +44 (0) 121 585 7003 for more information.

Tumble Tots Franchise FAQ’s

  • What is the minimum investment required to open a Tumble Tots Franchise?

 ~ The minimum investment required to set-up a Tumble Tots Franchise is £14000.

  • What is the profit estimate of the Tumble Tots Franchise?

 ~ An individual can make a good profit ranging from approximately 8% to 9% of the total sales.

  • Can an individual buy more than one franchise or have another business apart from Tumble Tots Franchise?

 ~ Yes, an individual can buy more than one franchise, but it should not hinder your current franchise profits and workings. You should also have adequate tools and funds to run both the franchises.

  • Does Tumble Tots Franchise provide training and support to their franchise holders?

 ~ Yes, Tumble Tots Franchise provides training and support to their franchise holders as they are not left by themselves. They polish the skills of their franchise holders to ensure they run their business successfully.

  • How can I open a Tumble Tots Franchise?

 ~ If you are planning to open a Tumble Tots Franchise, then you must submit the form on their website. After submitting the form you will get a prospectus discussing  all the details.

  • How can I contact their customer care team if I have a question?

 ~ You can call them on +44 (0) 121 585 7003 for more information.