Pepe’s Franchise

Pepe’s started their concept in Chicago in the year 1954 and has been franchising Pepe’s restaurants since 1967. It is quite popular in preparing and serving a delicious menu of Mexican food items. They were the first company to introduce Piri Piri and soon it became a recognized dish which was loved by everyone. They expanded their business in a short time and now, they have over 50 chains of restaurants across the United Kingdom.

This blog will discuss the future prospect of owning Pepe’s franchise and how much will it cost you to open it. It will further discuss the benefits of owning their franchise and will answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

Pepe’s Franchise STATS


EUR 13,000






EUR 13,000


Food & Drink



Pepe’s Franchise History

Pepe’s established in 1954 and soon became the talk of the town when they introduced Pepe’s Piri Piri chicken. It was the lip-smacking taste of their chicken that made them quite popular. Pepe’s Piri Piri chicken soon became a nationally recognized dish and the customer’s feedback was overwhelming. Soon, they became popular in Northern Ireland and in the USA. After gaining a positive response from the customers, Pepe’s decided to open a new generation of stores namely, Pepe’s Grill Brand.

peri peri chicken
peri peri chicken

Pepe’s Franchise Potential

Pepe’s Piri Piri is a leading brand and offers tremendous growth potential in the food chain business. They in customer satisfaction and want their customer to enjoy their meal every time they visit their restaurant. An individual who wants to purchase their franchise will be in a win-win situation as their company provides a productive and understanding environment to their franchise holders.
Pepe’s looks for individuals are passionate and enthusiastic in opening their franchise. They offer you the following things:

Pepe’s will gain your trust and help you have a strong belief in their brand once you buy their franchise.
They will train you to have a high level of commitment to Customer Service as it plays an important role in running a successful business.


It will be the right decision if an individual or a company wants to buy or invest in their franchise.

How to Apply for Pepe’s Franchise

If an individual or a company really wants to open Pepe’s franchise, then they should drop a mail at to discuss the franchising opportunities. If an individual wants to become an approved franchise holder of Pepe’s, then they must show their market knowledge and their ability to handle the funds in their head office.


Pepe’s Franchise Cost & Fee Information

The estimated initial investment required to open Pepe’s Franchise is between £11000 to £13000. The royalty fee is 4% and there is a franchise fee of £13000 which grants you the license to run a business under their restaurant name. The liquid capital required will be approximately £165,000.

Pepe’s Franchise Training & Support

Pepe’s franchise provides training and support services to all their franchise holders. They have to go through an extensive training program which entails all the in-depth knowledge required to run a successful franchise. The franchise holders are guided from the initial stage till the last step. Pepe’s franchise team of experts helps the holder with management skills and provides you with their proven marketing plan.

Pepe’s Franchise Profit Estimate

An individual or a company can make a huge profit ranging from approximately 6% to 8% of the total sales. But, it depends on the size and location of Pepe’s franchise.

Pepe’s Franchise Contact Information

If an individual wants to become a part of Pepe’s franchise or have a question, then they can drop a mail at
or call them on 01923 711854.

Pepe’s Franchise Faq’s

  • How can I open Pepe’s Franchise?

 ~ If you are dedicated and passionate about opening Pepe’s franchise, then you must drop a mail at to book an appointment. After booking the appointment, you will have to show your market knowledge and your ability to handle the funds in their head office. After this step, you can start with the document work.

  • How can I get a job at Pepe’s Franchise?

 ~ If you are planning to apply at Pepe’s, then you can send your resume and the job profile you would like to apply for at Make sure to mention in which part of the country you would like to work.

  • Does Pepe’s provide their franchise holders with financial statements?

 ~ Yes, Pepe’s provide with financial statements to all their franchise holders. They do not publish it online and the financial statements are not available to the public. You will receive a copy of it after signing the legal documents.

  • Can we own another business alongside running Pepe’s franchise?

 ~ This is one of the most frequently asked questions and yes, you can own another business alongside running Pepe’s franchise, but it should not impact your franchise profits and its functioning. You should also have the proper documents and funds for running both the business.

  • Are Training And Support Services Available In Pepe’sFranchise?

 ~ Yes, training and support services are available at Pepe’s Franchise. All the new franchise holders have to go through a comprehensive training program to ensure running a successful business.