15 Minute Yoga Ideas for a Busy Lifestyle-See Here

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Today, it’s very easy to be caught up in the busy lifestyle and forget ourselves. You have to go to work, take children to school, your partner needs time, your aging parents and friends also need time.

As you get caught up in the bustle and hustle of life, you forget about the most important personyou. If you are not physically fit, eating well and mentally fine, you will not be productive. 

On the other hand, if you focus on working on you first, however small it is, it will go a great distance. Is it too much to wake up 15 minutes earlier every day and do yoga? Of course not, and up next we’re going to tell you how.

15 Minute Yoga Ideas for a Busy Lifestyle-See Here
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What is Yoga?

Yoga is a group of mental, physical and spiritual disciplines or practices that originated in India. It is intended to be a system of growing awareness and decreasing disease. 


Since people saw it as a tool with many benefits, it slowly became adopted in countries around the world. Some of the benefits of doing yoga include minimized stress and increased relaxation that leads to better life quality.

Roll Out Your Mat

You will need to roll out your mat and sit with your hands in the Anjali Mudra (cross legged) position. Ensure your palms are put together at your heart center. Relax and set an intention for your day.  

Your intention should be a precise, positive word or sentence which should motivate and inspire you to a happier state of being. Consider words like happiness, unconditional love and inner peace.


This is a great way to warm up your spine after sleeping all night. Put your hands and knees on the ground and ensure your shoulders are over your wrists. Spread your fingers and have your hips above your knees. 

Bring the tail inwards, lift the heart as the belly moves inwards. This is called the cow pose. Look forward and don’t overextend your neck.

The cat pose requires you to draw the navel up towards your spine and put your chin on your chest. With this position, you should be able to stretch and move round your back. 

Keep interchanging the two poses ensuring the body movements are in sync with your breath. You can also find your own rhythm for 5-6 breaths or longer if you like it.


On your hands and knees, move one foot back followed by the other. Angle your body in a long line by lengthening the crown of your head forward while heels and tail lengthen backward. 

Inhale the navel up and keep shoulders above your wrists. Fire up from the thighs and lift yourself on your hands to work the muscles of the upper back and arms. Move the corners of your mouth up and hold for 30 seconds.

15 Minute Yoga Ideas for a Busy Lifestyle-See Here
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Downward Facing Dog

With hands maintaining a shoulder-distance apart and spreading your fingers wide, move your hips up and back. Start with bent knees to work on lengthening your spine/tail. 

It’s better to straighten one leg at a time as you check how the hamstrings feel. Note that our bodies are stiff in the morning, therefore, you can keep your knees bent for at least 5-6 full breaths to maintain a long spine.

Last Remark

How you begin your morning sets the trend for the day. If you begin with yoga by stretching and intentionally quieting your body to listen to your soul, it’s a good start. 

When you do this, you intentionally focus on positive goals to achieve for the day. Also, your body is energized and you are ready to take it on.