Yogabellies Franchise

Yogabellies is yoga fitness centre, created especially for women, mothers and babies. Yogabellies was created in 2009, by Cheryl MacDonald. Yogabellies soon gained popularity and today has over 105 franchises. Yogabellies founder, Cheryl came up with the idea of a yoga fitness centre for young mothers and would be mothers, when she herself was pregnant. She understood the importance of physical activities such as yoga during pregnancy and hence decided to share the same with the world.

Why to take Yogabellies franchise

With a Yogabellies franchise you will receive a recognized yoga teacher training course similar to YTT. You will have a complete and readymade Yoga business. In the Yogabellies franchise, you not only have the option to become an entrepreneur, it also gives you the chance to contribute to your own personal, professional and mental growth. With flexible hours and a balanced work life, you are not involving yourself in a business but in a lifestyle.

What kind of classes does Yogabellies conduct?

Yogabellies offers yoga and therapy classes to young mothers, soon to be mothers and children. Classes range from mum and toddler classes, young mum classes, hatha yoga classes etc.

How to apply for Yogabellies franchise

Applying for a franchise is simple.
You can simply fill the form here:
Once your form has been accepted, you will be sent a prospectus of the Yogabellies programme.
Someone from the recruitment will then reach out to you to discuss further details.


Yogabellies franchise Training & Support

The YogaBellies franchise, comes with a comprehensive business equipment, and undying support from the franchise team. All you need to focus on is teaching and running your YogaBellies unit. You will receive all the training required to successfully run a Yogabellies class. The training also includes marketing plans, assiatnce with setting up your studio followed by on-going support and from yoga experts. You will be a part of an online teacher forum for continued learning and will be attending regular meetings.

Yogabellies franchise Cost & Profit Information

At the Yogabellies franchise all the money that you make is yours. All you need to pay is small nominal monthly fee for the brand name and support you receive from Yogebelliew.

Apart from this, there are two franchise packages to choose from :

  1. Standard 100k franchise
  2. Enhanced 200k franchise

In both these packages you can choose from the following payment arrangements:

  1. £500 plus VAT initial deposit and the due balance within 30 days of signing franchise agreement.
  2. £1000 plus VAT initial deposit and the due balance within 30 days before starting live training. You need a guarantor agreement to avail this option.
  3. £3000 plus VAT initial deposit and balance due within 6 months of sign up.

You can refer to this page for more details:

Yogabellies franchise Contact information

You can simply fill the form here:
You can also send an email to for general enquiries.

Yogabellies franchise FAQ’s

  • What are the other support to expect from a Yogabellies Franchise?

~ With Yogabellies you will have access to on-line customer booking system, a custom email addresses and website. Client payments are done online and you will have a record of all your client’s health records online. You will have accounting support, marketing support as well as merchandising support.

  • What is the minimum profit one can expect monthly and yearly?

~ Be rest assured that the money you make from your Yogabellies unit is all yours. Once you are in touch with the Yogabellies Franchisor, you can discuss detailed financial aspects with them.

  • Do I need prior experience?

~ You do not have to be a yoga teacher prior to joining the Yogabellies team. Yogabellies will provide you with proper accredited yoga teaching programme. If you are an active person, love fitness and are willing to learn, then Yogabellies will ensure that you become a confident, skilled yoga teacher.

  • Does Yogabellies offer work life balance?

~ Yogabellies is a group of women who understand the importance and difficulties that come with maintaining a work life balance. The endeavor is to not only equip you professionally but also to be source of emotional and spiritual guidance as a group of teachers.