How to Clean Windows Like a Pro


Windows and doors are some parts of the house to accumulate a lot of dirt and dust. Therefore, they should be cleaned regularly. If your windows are not cleaned well, they will have to affect the whole look of your house.

When cleaning windows, you need the right equipment so you don’t spend the whole day cleaning. Also, don’t focus only on the outside because the inside also accumulates dirt. 

Another technique is to clean in the same direction, ideally from up downwards. Ensure all the edges and corners are cleaned as these tend to keep more dirt. We have more tips up next. 

How to Clean Windows Like a Pro
Image Source: Fall Safety App

Equipment Needed

  • Squeegee or scrubber
  • 5-gallon plastic bucket
  • Hand or dishwashing liquid
  • Small rags or towels
  • Water
  • Some people might need to use vinegar
  • Sturdy ladder and ladder stabilizer
  • Protective gear like face masks and gloves if necessary

Step 1

Mix the Ingredients and Start Washing

Start by mixing a couple of water gallons to a teaspoon of dish or handwashing soap in your bucket. Some people prefer to use vinegar (add a teaspoon of vinegar to a few gallons of water and use the mixture). 


Now you are ready to begin the window cleaning process. If you are in warm weather, cool water will make your cleaning longer.  

In the same way, if you are cleaning during below-freezing temperatures, you need a windshield washing solution until water stops freezing on the glass. If you have large pane window glasses, a scrubber will work great. 

But if you have a small-pane window, a good quality sponge could be all you need. Now dip the scrubber in your water detergent or vinegar mixture and squeeze the excess water out and start washing.

Scrub the Glass

If you are starting with the exterior window, start by scrubbing the glass at all angles to clean the edges too. Ensure every square inch is cleaned. 

If the windows are high, you will need to use sturdy ladders onto which you can fasten your bucket. Also, remember to protect your eyes so dust and pollen don’t injure you. 

You can either wash by moving the squeegee either horizontally or vertically. If you are working vertically, position your squeegee at an angle so that excess water drains into the uncleaned area.

Your Starting Strip

To get great results, clean a starting strip whereby you tip the squeegee at an angle so that only the corner gets in contact with the glass. 

Starting with the top corner of your glass, wash down a narrow glass strip from top to bottom but on one side. With these strips, it’s easier for you to start washing with horizontal stripes.

Squeegee Across the Top

Put the squeegee blade on the glass in the upper corner and pull steadily washing across the window. Ensure the top of the squeegee is kept in contact with the top edge of the window so you don’t leave some edges untouched.

Clean the Squeegee

Wipe the squeegee blade clean by wiping it across the scrubber or on a clean towel in your front pocket to remove accumulated dirt and excess water.

How to Clean Windows Like a Pro
Image Source: Proclean Window

Step 2

Work Down the Window

Again, start by pressing the squeegee top overlapping the previous stroke. Pull the squeegee across the window and clean it of excess dirt and water and repeat the same procedure until the entire window is cleaned. 

Focus on the squeegee top overlapping the previous strip so no tiny spaces or patches are seen.

Step 3

Wipe Off Excess Water

Now is the time to use your rag or towel to wipe off excess water that gathered at the bottom edge of the window as you were cleaning. 

Poke your finger into a dry part of your rag/towel and move it around the perimeter of your window to get rid of any remaining suds. Keep wiping any streaks as you see them with a clean part. If the entire rag has been used, change it.

Bottom Line

Cleaning windows is not as hard as people think, is it? All you need is the right equipment like a scrubber or squeegee, a sizable bucket, clean rags or towels, hand washing detergent or vinegar, and a sturdy ladder, if necessary. 

Ensure you wash even the hard corners and around the perimeter of your window. And if all this sounds too much for you, just hire someone from a cleaning company.