Cake Box Franchise

Cake Box started in 2008 with just a small store and at present, it has more than 70 branches all over the United Kingdom. It is a leading bakery company as they use the finest quality ingredients and customer care services and delicious cakes. All their products are 100% egg free and the founder follows a strict vegetarian diet. Its manufacturing site is in Enfield and they supply a wide range of delicious cake.

Cake Box opened its first franchise in 2009 and has been one of the leading bakery stores in the United Kingdom. Their success is due to their commitment and they serve their customers just like their family members. In this blog, we will entail all the details you will be needing to open a franchise of Cake Box in the United Kingdom. After reading the blog, the readers will get a fair idea of what Cake Box team expects from them and what their franchise holders can from their company.

Cake Box Franchise STATS


EUR 120,000






~ EUR 30,000


Food & Drink



Cake Box Franchise History

Cake Box established in 2008 in East London. They strive to provide the United Kingdom market with a new concept of delivering fresh cream cake baked without eggs and on-demand service. Their aim was to eliminate the use of eggs without compromising on the taste. Cake Box bakery became instantly successful and a favourite among those who have specific dietary or follows certain religion.

In the year 2017, Cake Box introduced a new service, namely, ‘Click and Collect’ through which personalised cakes can be ordered online and collected within an hour.

cake box franchise
cake box franchise

Cake Box Franchise Potential

Cake Box has built a fast growing successful franchise business all over the United Kingdom. They have a proven track record of profitable expansion and a strong financial record. They are planning to open at least 250 more stores and further expand their franchise in the United Kingdom market. Cake Box was named as one of the 100 fastest growing companies by turnover in the United Kingdom. It will be a wise decision to buy their franchise as they have great potential and it is an opportunity not to be missed.


Cake Box Franchise Cost And Fee Information

The initial investment for buying a Cake Box franchise is £120000 and the management service fee is £200 per month. The set-up cost of buying a Cake Box franchise is £70,000 and Vat of £30,000. The franchise fee of Cake Box is £29,995.

Cake Box Franchise Profit Estimates

The Cake Box franchise is a global brand name and their franchise holder can make a huge profit ranging from approximately 8% to 9% of the total sales. Their gross profit at the business has risen to 47%.

How to Apply For Cake Box Franchise

An individual who wants to open a franchise of Cake Box has to download the application form on their website and submit it to review the application. After submitting the form, an appointment will be fixed and arrange a presentation. After attending the Cake Box Head office presentation meeting, you can secure an area and pay the deposit. The next step is to develop a business plan and make an application for funding. Then, you can locate a shop in the chosen area and then External Commercial Borrowings will view and approve it. Then, you can sign a legal agreement and finally open your franchise.

Cake Box Franchise Training and Support

The Cake Box franchise guides and support their franchise holders at every step to ensure their success. They provide regular training and fully supports you in succeeding in your Franchise venture. Their expert team will help you find a suitable location for your store and will help you with the marketing.

cakebox training
cakebox training

The Cake Box franchise provides comprehensive training to their franchise holders from the initial stage and helps them run their store efficiently. Their expert team members train the franchise holders so that they don’t face any problem in managing the bakery store.

Cake Box Franchise Contact Information

You can contact at their head office at 22 Jute Lane, Enfield, London EN3 7PJ if you have any query regarding opening a franchise.

Cake Box Franchise FAQ’s

  • What is the minimum initial investment required for buying a Cake Box franchise?

~ The initial investment for buying a Cake Box franchise is £120000.

  • Can we open the Cake Box franchise as a partnership?

~ No, you cannot open a Cake Box franchise in partnership as they only allow sole traders.

  • Can we open the Cake Box franchise in my old store?

~ Yes, you can open the Cake Box franchise in your old store, but only if the size and the location of the store are right.

  • Can we open the Cake Box franchise without experience in managing a business? 

~ Yes, you can open the franchise without any expertise in managing a business.

  • What if I don’t have the full capital then, how can I fund my Cake Box franchise?

~ If you don’t have the full capital, then, you need to provide at least 50% of the capital and you can lend the remaining 50% from banks. The Cake Box franchise has contacts with various banks and their Financial Director would help you throughout the process.