Chaiiwala Franchise

Chaiiwala, is undoubtedly one of UK’s most popular Indian street food and casual dining brands. Of course as the name suggests, it’s signature item is tea. However, along with a wide range of teas and coffees, Chaiiwala also offers many other traditional yet modern Indian snacks like masala chips, Bombay sandwich, chili paneer, butter chicken, roti, paranthas etc. Chaiiwala started as a street side stall in Delhi in the early 1900s. It is only in 2015 that the future generations of the the Chaiiwala family decided to bring it to the UK and by 2017 Chaiiwala had already opened the gates for its franchises. In a span of a few years, Chaiiwala has become a favorite haunt for the people of UK.

Here are some details of a Chaiiwala Franchise to take note of:

Why take a Chaiiwala franchise?

As we have already established that Chaiiwala is UK’s fastest growing Indian street food brands.  In just a span of 24 months, Chaiiwala has opened more than 15 stores in the UK. This is proof enough of how much this brand is being loved by its customers. By taking up the Chaiiwala franchise, you will be part of a growing business and be your own boss at a much sort after food franchise.

Is Chaiiwala just a take away street food brand?

Chaiiwala primarily started as a street food brand. However, it also offers causal dinning. In fact, it also caters to events like weddings, birthdays and similar occasions.


How to Apply for Chaiiwala Franchise?

Applying for a franchise is simple.

You can simply fill the form here: you will be contacted back by the Chaiiwala on the phone number you provide on this form.

What Training or Support will I receive with the Chaiiwala Franchise?

Chaiiwala franchise comes with a fully set-up manual for you.  This pack includes professional; help with the location of the store, assistance on site specifications and designs, training manuals for staff and separate training for the management.

It also includes logistics support. Additionally, it will also educate you on marketing strategies and sales plans that will help you build your Chaiiwala business with a great customer base. You will have a tailor-made programme to cater to all your needs.

Chaiiwala Franchise Cost Information

You will require an Initial Investment of £ 150,000 to start the Chaiiwala franchise. However, when you fill the franchise enquiry form, you can mention the total available cash you have for investment and Chaiiwala will get back to you with more details.

Chaiiwala Franchise Contact Information

You can fill the franchise enquiry form here : and wait for Chaiiwala to get back to you.

You can also send an email to or fill this form for general inquiries:

Additionally, you can refer to this link if you need to contact a particular store:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it safe to invest in Chaiiwala?

~ In just a few years, Chaiiwala has already become a huge success in UK, which makes it the right business for you. Recently, Mohamed Sohail Alimohamed, director of Chaiiwalla, made some announcements on how the brand is strategizing for the future. Here is what he said: “The famous Youtubers, the popular bloggers, those who are famous on the Internet, who are influencers, people who are up and coming, people who are famous, those are the people who are going to be on our ads and part of our marketing campaign.”

It is clear that the company is highly focused and strategic in its marketing plans. The scope of growth is immense which it a great time to be part of the Chaiiwala team.

  • What is the minimum profit one can expect monthly and yearly?

~ Once you are in touch with the Chaiiwala Franchisor, after filling the form, you can discuss the financial aspects with them.

  • What are Chaiiwala’s future plans?

~ At the moment, there are 15 Chaiiwala franchise stores in the U.K. Chaiiwala has plans to open 45 stores across the U.K. by 2020. Chaiiwala is also looking to expand itself in the international market. It is planning to open about 150-200 outlets in India in collaboration with Franchise India over the next four years.

  • Awards and accodales over the years

~ Chaiiwala won the Leicester Curry Award in 2017 for BEST TAKEAWAY store. It has also been recognized and appreciated by The Bolton News, Birmingham Mail and Metro from time to time.