Coffee Republic Franchise

The Coffee Republic is one of the most acclaimed coffee chains in the United Kingdom. It is a leading brand and they take pride in making fresh food and offers great services. They strive to make their customers enjoy their coffee in a soothing ambience. The Coffee Republic has over thirty coffee cafes across the United Kingdom and 18 international cafes in countries like Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Spanish airports.

The Coffee Republic is expanding their business network to become one of the leading and acclaimed coffee chains in the UK. This blog will entail details on opening a franchise of the  Coffee Republic and what can a franchise holder expect from their company and what is expected from them.

Coffee Republic Franchise STATS


EUR 100,000


~ EUR 250,000




~ EUR 35,000


Food & Drink



Coffee Republic Franchise History

The Coffee Republic established in 1995 by Bobby and Sahar Hashemi and opened their first cafe in London’s South Molton Street. In the year 1996, the Coffee Republic was operated in Greece by Kostas Dalakoura, providing the best coffee and baristas. The Coffee Republic purchased the GoodBean coffee bar chain in the year 2001. They are the only one company in the UK committed to ensuring the well-being and livelihood of the farmers. They have over 20 years of rich experience in the industry and they understand the importance of delivering the best coffee.

Coffee Republic Franchise

Coffee Republic Franchise Potential

The Coffee Republic is a leading brand name in the United Kingdom. They grew by 7.3% during the year 2017 and has shown phenomenal turnover. Buying the Coffee Republic franchise is a great opportunity and their business place is going to be around £13billion by 2022. Their flexible approach and their healthy business relationships with their franchise holders make them stand out in the market. Their award-winning teas, high-quality food items and their popular Italian roast coffee are loved by everyone.


If you are thinking to invest in their franchise, then it is a great opportunity to venture in their single or multi-site stores. They have an acclaimed reputation in the market and simply there are no reasons for having a second thought in investing their company.

Coffee Republic Franchise Cost & Profit Information

The initial investment of starting a Coffee Republic Franchise is £100000 and the total cost will be approximately between £150000 to £250000, depending upon the location of the store. The management service fee is 7.5%. Also, this will some initial fee for the franchise that will cost around £35k

Coffee Republic Franchise Profit Estimates

The Coffee Republic franchise is a well-acclaimed and leading brand name across the United Kingdom and their franchise holders can make a huge profit from investing in their company. The profit will vary depending on the size and geographical location of the store from approximately 6% to 9% of the total sales.

Coffee Republic Franchise Training and Support

Yes, support services and training are available at the Coffee Republic bar. They have developed a program with a positive outlook and passion so that their new franchise holders do not face a problem. The franchise holders will work closely with their team to find the best location for your store and help you understand how their company works. Their Area and Operation team members will assist the holders at every step to help them run their business without incurring any losses.

The Coffee Republic provides a comprehensive training course for the franchise holders and focuses on the following things:

  • How to provide excellent Customer Services to their customers
  • How to run the business successfully
  • How to use of Marketing strategies and promote your franchise in the UK
  • How to Bar startup

Coffee Republic Franchise

How to Apply for Coffee Republic Franchise

If you are planning to open the Coffee Republic franchise, then fill the inquiry form on their official website and submit the details. Once you submit the application form and fill the details like your name, address, current occupation, store location and when they can contact you, their team members will give you an appointment date. After this step, you get a call and the Coffee Republic franchise team members fix an appointment and give you a brief of their company and its rules in their Head Office.

The Coffee Republic franchise holds regularly  ‘Franchise Discovery Events’ at their London Head Office, where the interested individuals can meet their Head of Franchising and learn more about the company, investment, its potential and all the relevant information.

Coffee Republic Franchise Contact Information

If you want to visit the office of the Coffee Republic, then you can visit them at the Coffee Republic, 10 Rochester Row, Westminster, London, SW1P 1BS and drop a mail at

Coffee Republic Franchise FAQ’s

  • Is it possible to open the Coffee Republic Franchise in the desired area in the United Kingdom?

 ~ Yes, it is possible, but you will need to check the availability on their official website. Once you submit the enquiry form of opening the Coffee Republic franchise, you have to fill the store location of your interest.

  • Can we open the Coffee Republic Franchise without experience in running a business?

 ~ Yes, you can open the Coffee Republic franchise without any expertise in managing a business in this field.

  • What do the franchise holders receive for their investment in the Coffee Republic franchise?

 ~ The franchise holders get a huge turnover, financial assistance, PR and marketing support, location sourcing, minimal risk and proven business model and interesting opportunities for their investment.