Timpson Group Franchise

The Timpson Group is one of the leading retail service providers in the United Kingdom and has been established since 1865. They have franchises across Ireland and the United Kingdom and continues to expand it. They offer an array of services like clothing repair, key cutting, carpet cleaner hire, engraving, locksmith, repair of cell phones and iPad, photo printing, key and lock, watch and shoe repair. The Timpson Group strives to offer excellent customer services and follows the ‘Upside Down’ management style by maintaining a healthy relationship and freedom to their colleagues who serve the customers.

The Timpson Group develops new ideas and implements in their working style. They continue to accept more services and extends their invitation to interested individuals who want to join their franchise. They offer a wide range of services to their customers, making them quite popular among the citizens. This blog will further give you a brief on how to open a franchise of the Timpson Group and run it successfully.

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Timpson Group Franchise History

The Timpson Group established in 1865 by William Timpson and Walter Joyce. They sold around 298 shoes in the beginning and it eventually, expanded to become a factory in 1884 at Kettering. They started repairing the shoes in the year 1903 and diversified into watch repair, dry cleaning, locksmith, photo processing, repair of cell phones and iPad.

Timpson Group Franchise Potential

The Timpson Group is the United Kingdom’s most successful and leading retail service provider and has more than 2000 stores, employees over 5600 colleagues and has over 119 franchises stores across the UK and Ireland. The Timpson Group has proven record of how successful they are and investing in their franchise is an ideal decision.

At the Timpson Group, every new franchise holder is assigned a mentor which is usually an Area Development Manager who introduces you to the company and its working and also guides you through your orientation. If an individual is planning to venture into the retail market, then the Timpson Group is the best place to start your career.

timpson franchise
timpson franchise

Timpson Group Franchise Cost and Fee Information

The cost and fee information to open the Timpson Group franchise is not yet available.

Timpson Group Franchise Profit Information

The Timpson Group franchise is the leading retail service provider in the UK and their franchise holder can make a profit ranging from approximately 6% to 9% of the total sales.

How to Apply For Timpson Group Franchise

There is no precise information available on how to apply for the Timpson Group franchise.

Timpson Group Franchise Training and Support

Yes, at the Timpson Group, training and support services are provided to the new starters. If an individual has the right attitude and the zeal then the professional team helps the franchise holders at every step. All the franchise holders have a weekly training program to polish their skills and guide them through:

  • The first level in 16 weeks.
  • The second level in 32 weeks.

The holders who pass each skill qualifies them for the branch bonus pot. The franchise holders are provided with the manuals to support them to enhance their skills. The manuals are like practical guide which is developed by the experts and it acts as a reference in your training program. The Timpson Group provides the franchise holders with all the relevant resources they need to run their business successfully. The Area Development Manager introduces you to the business.

Timpson Group Franchise Contact Information

If you are dedicated and possess the right skills to open a franchise of the Timpson Group, then you can visit their office at Timpson House, Claverton Road, Wythenshawe M23 9TT and contact them on their official website or call them on 0800 0014016.

Timpson Group Franchise FAQ’s

  • Is it possible to open the Timpson Group franchise in a specific area in the United Kingdom?

~ Yes, once you are done with the application and document work, then you can check the available areas where you can open a franchise.

  • Can we open the Timpson Group without any experience in managing a business?

~ Yes, you can open the Timpson Group without any expertise in running a business. They select on the basis of personality and expect from their colleagues to be dedicated, passionate and confident individuals.

  • Are training and support services available at the Timpson Group franchise?

~ Yes, at the Timpson Group, they provide an extensive training program to their franchise holders. They ensure that the new starters are provided with all the necessary resources to run their business successfully.

  • What do the franchise holders receive for their investment in the Timpson Group franchise?

~ The franchise holders of the Timpson Group franchise get a huge return from their investment. They provide a healthy and professional working environment for their franchise holders.