A Complete Guide To Become A Part Of The Slimming World Franchise

Slimming World established in 1969 by Margaret Miles-Bramwell in  Alfreton. Margaret had suffered from her own weight issues and she very well understood the plight of overweight people who carry the burden of self-criticism. Over the years, so many things have changed in the Slimming World. But, their fundamental principle has not yet changed. Their company is based on the Food Optimising theory, in which the Slimming Consultant guides their customers the satisfying ways of eating. They treat each and every member with the utmost respect, care and empathy.

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A Complete Guide To Become A Part Of The Slimming World Franchise

Their mission is based on a simple fundamental, that is, to help every member achieve weight loss through a healthy, liberating and sustainable weight loss plan. They offer phenomenal services to their clients. This blog will further discuss the various career opportunities available at Slimming World and how you can become a part of their family.

How To Become A Consultant At The Slimming World?

The Slimming World has looked out for individuals who are keen to join the wide network of Consultants and who have a positive outlook on the health and happiness of the other people. The individual should possess leadership quality, be confident and should support other group members. To become a Consultant, the Slimming World does not ask for special qualifications to apply.


The Slimming World professional and dedicated team members provide a comprehensive training program to the individuals who join them. In the training program, the individual is supported from the initial stage and is guided at every step. Once you become a Consultant, you will receive warmth and respect.

How Can You Benefit From Being A Consultant At The Slimming World?

  • Being a Consultant at the Slimming World, you will have flexible working hours and an excellent income.
  • On an average, a Consultant can earn between £100 to £400 for 12-20 hours per week.

How To Become A District Manager At The Slimming World?

Being a District Manager at the Slimming World offers exciting opportunities and gives you a chance to make a difference in people’s lives. It is a career which offers you countless opportunities and flexible working hours. The Slimming World looks for the individuals who have a rich experience, a zeal to lead teams and achieve a target within a specific time period. They look for someone who understands the importance of losing weight and be motivated to help others in their journey.

The Slimming World provides training and support program to new joiners. In the training program, they train individuals to stay determined, develop their full potential and how to inspire others.

How Can You Benefit From Being A District Manager At The Slimming World?

  • Being a District Manager at the Slimming World, you can grab many opportunities and enjoy the flexible working hours.
  • A District Manager’s at the Slimming World basic salary is between £50,000 to £62,000 and additionally, they get various allowances per year. They also various bonus packages and can earn on an average between  £94,500 to £139,000 per year.
  • A District Manager also gets a healthcare package, a company car and opportunities to grow and promote to more senior management positions in the field.

How To Join The Head Office Team At The Slimming World?

At the Head Office of The Slimming World, they have a professional team of more than 350 people who specialise in an array of sectors to ensure constant growth and the well-being of their members and Consultants. If you are really passionate about helping others, then the Slimming World is the right place for you!

How Can You Benefit From Joining The Head Office At The Slimming World?

  • If you join the Head Office, then you get 34 days holiday annually.
  • You will also get health cash back cover, free parking services and free fitness classes and personal training sessions.
  • You will get a staff discount on their on-site hair and Beauty Salon.
  • After joining the Head Office, you will also get an attractive pension plan.
  • You will also get a 12-week slimming world membership.
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Contact Details Of The Slimming World Franchise

If you want to contact at the Slimming World Franchise, then call on 0344 892 0434 or drop a mail at maggie@slimmingworld.co.uk