Is Caffe Nero Offering Franchise Opportunity In The United Kingdom?

The Caffe Nero was established by Gerry Ford in the year 1997. He strived to create the best Italian cafes across Europe. Caffe Nero has built their own Roastery and set-up their espresso training school where all their Baristas excel the art of coffee making. They have received many awards like best coffee quality, best coffee house brand, The Masters of Coffee Barista Champions, Best Tasting Coffee on the High Street, The best independent coffee shop brand and many more. The Caffe Nero has expanded their business and now has more than 800 coffee cafes all over Europe.

Caffe Nero
Caffe Nero

History Of Caffe Nero

Caffe Nero was established by Gerry Ford and has expanded their business in the UK and USA. Ford believed that launching a business that served continental-style coffee in the UK will be a wise decision. It proved him right and now, the business has expanded over 800 stores. Caffe Nero has become a global brand and is rated amongst the top three recognisable coffee brands on the High Street.

Caffe Nero started simply as a local independent coffee house. They never dreamt to become a big company, but with resilience and determination, they have become a global brand.

When Will The Caffe Nero Become A Franchise?

There are currently no franchises of Caffe Nero available in the United Kingdom. Its expansion is monitored within their home market. They maintain a certain reputation and is considered amongst the best coffee outlets in the country. Presently, all Caffe Nero shops located in the United Kindom are operated by the company. However, there are franchise opportunities available in other countries.

Caffe Nero Franchise In The United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, coffee drinkers are quite a large number. A report claims that people in the UK consume 70 million cups of Java each day. It is more than obvious as you can see the coffee shops at train stations, shopping centres, nation’s high streets and airports. Starbucks, Caffe Nero and Costa Coffee have built three distinct coffee empires in the UK, though competition is growing, these three companies continue to dominate the UK market.


There is currently no franchise opportunity available in the United Kingdom, but interested individuals should check their website more often. Caffe Nero strives to provide its customers with best-quality coffee products, so it will be a good decision if you invest in their company, once they decide to offer the franchise opportunity in the UK.

Cost And Fee Information Of The Caffe Nero Franchise

It is difficult to calculate the cost of each franchise as still there are no franchise opportunities available in the UK. However, Gerry Ford its founder has revealed that it costs around £250,000 to open each new coffee house. But this figure will vary depending upon the size and location of the coffee house. Over the years, Caffe Nero opened approximately 50 coffee houses every year.

What Other Coffee Franchise Opportunities Are Available In The United Kingdom?

There are many coffee franchise opportunities available in the United Kingdom like:

The Coffee Republic

The Coffee Republic is one of the most reputed coffee chains in the United Kingdom. It strives to offer excellent services and make fresh food. It is a leading brand and they offer a soothing ambience to their customers. They have more than 30 cafes all over the United Kingdom and 18 cafes in Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Spanish airports. The Coffee Republic has a proven track record of success and it grew by 7.3% in 2017. Investing in their company or buying their franchise is an amazing opportunity as their business place is expected to be £13billion by 2022.

The Costa Coffee

The Costa Coffee is the most acclaimed coffee house across the world. It has over 2,000 coffee shops in the United Kingdom alone. It has won many awards and continues to win the heart of its customers. They do not serve any ordinary coffee shop, but their own handcrafted by their baristas. Their customers can expect only the highest grade of quality to be in their cup. For the last 40 years, it is providing hot beverages and has experimented a lot with its menu to its customers in the UK. Owing to its warmth, soothing ambience, authenticity, ethics and high-quality products, Costa Coffee has expanded its business in no time.


Cafe2U established in the year 2004 by Tom Acland in the United Kingdom. Its exclusive coffee blend is roasted to a delicious recipe that uses only high-quality and the finest beans. All their products are made with top quality ingredients ensuring their customers visits them again. Buying their franchise is an excellent option as they offer amazing opportunities for small business entrepreneurs. They have a rich experience in the industry and have more than 85 UK based franchise partners.

Cafe2U is a leading mobile coffee franchise system in the United Kingdom. It is known to deliver lip-smacking food and fresh espresso coffee to events and at the business location. They are also a member of the British Franchise Association.

The Esquires Coffee House

The Esquires Coffee established in the year 1993 in British Columbia. They have expanded their business in the United Kingdom through Master License partnerships in Scotland in the year 2002, Ireland in 2001 and in England in 2000. They are amongst the most successful coffee brands in the UK.  Esquires Coffee House has more than 43 coffee shops in the UK and is planning to soon open their store in  Darlington, Addlestone, Leicester and Caerphilly. Investing in their franchise is an amazing option as they are loved by their customers and are quite popular.

If you have amazing managerial skills, excellent customer services, impressive business judgement and passionate to commit to Esquires then you have a great chance in running a successful business. They offer an array of franchise packages that vary from shopping centre kiosks/stands to 2,000sq. ft stores. The minimum investment cost is approximately £85,000.